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The Financial Advantages of Commercial Metal Garages For Your Business


A lot runs on the shoulders of businesses, from manufacturing products to delivering them to their consumers promptly. All of these require durable and reliable methods to ensure the chain never breaks. Metal garages offer a flexible solution to most of the business’s issues, for proper storage that must meet government guidelines to keep costs under check so that most people can purchase.

But are commercial garages worth investing in? Without wasting any time, let’s get rolling.

Commercial Steel Garages’ Financial Benefits For Your Company

Modular Design Makes It Affordable

Most metal buildings come prefabricated. That means the majority of design elements, frame cutouts for doors and windows, and drillings are already done in the factory. Only the assembling is done at the installation site. This largely reduces construction time and the need for extra manpower.

But exactly how affordable steel buildings are? For prefab (PEMB), you can expect to pay around:

Raw Materials for Steel Structure : $6 to $15 per sq. ft.
Building Permit : $550 to $2,000
Concrete Foundation : $5.5 to $6.5 per sq. ft.
Labor Charges : $3.5 to $4.0 per sq. ft.
Insulation Cost (fiberglass) : $0.30 to $1.5 per sq. ft.

Note: These are estimated prices. The exact cost varies with location, design complexities, and local charges. In the US, turnkey metal garages cost between $24 to $45 per sq. ft.

Aftercare Troubles Are Less

As with any other structure, metal building comes with lower maintenance requirements. With steel commercial garages, you need to spend less or none on the following:

  • Termite inspection & control
  • Chemical sprays
  • Energy bills
  • Pests control
  • Rotting & decaying panels or frames
  • Bend, twisted, cracked panels

These are some of the upkeep that you have to do with the timber structures. Metal is highly durable. With the right quality and installed precisely, it can outlast you. Speaking of cleaning, you can use pressure washing with mild detergent annually. Afterward, leave it to air dry and use a soft brush to scrap off any rust you notice. That’s it!

So, a business gets to save money on monthly care. This amount can be redirected to increasing inventory or into marketing themselves.

Tax Benefits & Insurance Saving

The US government has been encouraging businesses and individuals to go green. That’s why they have launched various tax benefit schemes that you can use when installing energy-saving green buildings. Roughly, a business can save up to $1.00 per sq. ft. with a 50% or more energy saving structure.

Now, let’s come to the insurance part. Steel garages are made of inorganic and non-combustible materials. In addition, certified steel structures can be made to withstand high speed winds (up to 150 to 170 miles per hour) and heavy snow loads (up to 20 lbs. per sq. ft.). These features do not go unnoticed by the insurance company. You can get up to 40% less on insurance premium charges when you choose commercial steel garages.

Custom Made Design

With steel, you can go as high as 40 ft. and as wide as 300 ft. without needing an internal support column. One can design steel structures to be clear span. Here, no internal support beam or column is installed. That gives maximum carpet area for the available square footage. Using available space with maximum efficiency is beneficial for businesses.

On top of it, you can add energy saving features such as:

  • Natural lighting sources: skylights, clerestories (windows near the roof, above eye level), light indoor paint, large windows, translucent window panes, etc.
  • Insulator: It preventscondensation (heat transfer) moisture built up and regulates temperature
  • Ventilations: These help maintain the air circulationinside the building.

Metal Garages Are Sustainable

Steel is 100% recyclable. It can be reused multiple times without losing its structural strength. Additionally, more than 90% of steel plants’ water is returned to the source cleaner. So, less water is wasted, and fewer materials end up in landfills.

And that is not it. Metal, over time, does not release any toxic fumes that can put your health in adverse conditions. You can include biophilic designs in your architecture to give it a modern and unique look. Employees tend to be more productive in green buildings.

Structural Endurance Is High

Why can’t other materials beat commercial steel garages? The following reasons can be given in support of steel-made structures.

  • Metal has a high tensile strength. Therefore, it can bear more load.
  • Steel is an extremely light weight
  • You can build an internal column free
  • They are sturdy
  • The steel structure is fast to install.

Future Investment

Commercial garages last the longest with minimal upkeep. They outperform extreme weather, natural calamities, and destructive forces. They can resist fire for a long time, keeping your goods safe. The durability & strength of metal makes it hard for thieves to break into.

Once a storage unit, it can be easily converted into a new office space or a manufacturing hub. Being versatile, steel garages offer a lot of industry applications. Have a look at some of them below.

Metal Garages’ Potential Applications With Common Sizes

Whether you want space for residential or commercial, steel buildings are an economical and reliable solution in the long term. Some commonly sold sizes for commercial applications are:

  • 40 x 40 x 14 with 12 x 12 garage door
  • 50 x 60 x 12 with three walk in doors & 14 window frame outs
  • 54 x 60 x 16 with two 12 x 14 roll up garage doors
  • 40 x 120 x 16 with eight 10 x 14 garage doors& two walk in doors
  • 60 x 65 x 16 with 14 x 14 roll up door and ten windows

Note: All measurements above (width x length x height) are in feet.

Some of the applications of metal garages in industrial settings are as follows:

● Warehouse

● Office Space

● Manufacturing Hub

● Retail Store

● Automobile Factories

● Factory Outlet

● Recreational Club

● Workshop (repair & maintenance)

● Storage Units

● Cold Storages

Commercial Metal Building Has Financial Advantages For Your Business

Commercial steel garages are cost-effective units and durable solutions for businesses. Its applications are in almost all industries, including oil & gas, automobile, packaged food production, and pharmaceuticals. These structures can be customized and assembled quickly, creating a healthy and safe environment for workers & goods.

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