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Dealing with a Gas Leak

dealing with gas leak

Many people prefer to use gas as a fuel source for domestic uses for a variety of reasons, one of them being affordability. But gas comes with some risks, you hear about gas line leaks and accidents because of them. There are ways to keep you and your family safe when you choose to use gas while still enjoying the lower costs it brings. Key to that process is having experienced gas leak detection services you can rely upon. These are people you call in if you are concerned about a leak, and who come in to carry out checks and maintenance to keep things safe and running correctly.

Gas has an odour added to make it detectable

Gas normally is odourless so you would not know if there was a leak. But it has an odour added so people know if they catch that smell of rotten eggs or sulphur then it means to get out and get help from your Artarmon plumbing experts. As well as that smell you might also notice a hissing sound. If you catch the smell and are unsure, shut off everything so you can listen. It is always best to be safe and to leave and get it checked out rather than tell yourself you are imagining it and then something awful happening.

It is not wise to choose not to call your gas line experts just to save money when there is a real danger. Turning off the lights and all electrics is a good idea to avoid anything sparking, and opening windows and outside doors is also an appropriate action to let the gas out.

Using gas safely on a day-to-day basis

A part of choosing to have gas in the home is to know how to use it safely and correctly. As well as having gas leak detection services who you can call on, you also need to call on them when any work needs to be done on those appliances or lines. Not all plumbers are licensed to work on gas lines or to install gas appliances so check that too. Then when you are using a gas appliance keep inflammable items away from the burner, make sure the ventilation is not blocked, and don’t use them to experiment with. Use them how they are meant to be used and read the instructions and follow them. Make sure when you are done that they are properly turned off.


There is a lot of damage an undetected gas leak can cause, to the property and harm to people that breathe in the gas without detecting it, or are in there when a spark causes the leaking gas to ignite. Make sure you have trusted and experienced Artarmon plumbing gas line experts. Check their reviews online to see that customers are happy with their work and their work ethic and experience. It is also a good place to learn more about them, the services they offer, how long they have been working and so on.

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