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How To Build Concrete Stairs?

Building concrete stairs in front of your house adds a touch of sophistication and architectural elegance. It’s a way to amplify the look of your house in a chic and graceful manner with the concrete staircase connected from the front yard to the entrance of your house.

Cement staircase construction isn’t as easy as you think. It requires steps such as planning, designing, building a framework, concreting, and curing. The process is intricate but once understood, it might not be as perplexed as you think.

Understanding The Basics of Building Durable Stairs

Concrete stairs add elegance to your house; hence, before trying it on your house, you need to have an elementary idea apropos the building of concrete steps so that you can come up with a proficient plan. Let’s embark on the journey to enhance your home by helping you acquire knowledge about building concrete stairs.

Measurement of the Steps

The most imperative thing you should think about and find out is the dimensions of the stairs. While doing so, you must abide by the local building codes concerning the measurements. Other than this, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, the height from the top landing to the base should be measured, and then the run distance from the front to the back. With the help of a riser, determine the number of stairs required.

To get an idea about the tread depth, divide the total run by the number of staircases. The standard dimensions are normally 9 inches for thread, 7.5 inches for riser, 3 feet for width, and 30-45 degrees for flight angle. However, it varies from house to house so you should find out the apposite measurements by the aforementioned steps

Build a Strong Foundation

Next, comes the foundation for concrete stairs which is to be constructed with great care since it is necessary to transfer the loads of the stairs on the ground. To do these, six inches of topsoil need to be dug out from the surface. To provide a solid base, fill the area with crushed rocks or gravel and level the area.

Step-by-Step Stair Construction

Mark the line of thread, risers, and line of flight on the wall while constructing stairs attached to the wall for proper fixing. To support the weight of concrete, the boards of plywood used must be 2 inches thick and the structure must be supported by 4*4 posts. For reinforced concrete steps, use steel bars and then prepare for concreting the wooden structure.

Build Concrete Stairs

Know the Process of Making Concrete stairs

The strength and durability of the stairs depend on the concrete. Hence, you should consider a lot of things while doing this work. 3 parts cement, 2 parts sand, 4 parts gravel, and water are the standard requirements. However, it may change with the number of stairs required. To fill the gaps in the stairs, a concrete vibrator is suggested for use during the pouring of concrete. This ensures that no honeycomb formation is formed.

The alignment of the frameworks may be disturbed if you do the work in haste. The formwork may even collapse because of any sudden movements. Therefore, the work of pouring must be done with great care and persistence. Pouring the concrete on the ceiling and stairs must be done on the same day to sustain a sturdy bond between the components. Also, spread the concrete squarely and tightly.

Ensure Accuracy for Structural Stair Construction

A minimum of twenty-one days is required to allow the stairs to dry out completely. Within this period, curing is an important step to prevent cracks in the stairs due to thermal expansion. For more perfection, make use of a hammer and a crowbar while removing the formwork.

Give Your House A Majestic Look

Your concrete stairs are on the verge of completion once you have removed the formwork. The only main task left now is the finishing which involves designing and decorating to add to the appeal of your house. Trowel or float can be used to give a smooth concrete finish. To give a majestic appearance to your house, you may use cement tiles, granite, carpet, or wood on the concrete stairs.

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