June 17, 2024
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Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards: Breeze & Boonz by the Blue in Backyard

small pool ideas

A swimming pool adds to the beauty of your backyard. The blue water, carefree breeze and a soothing ambiance decorated with lights and recliners can make your backyard a place to rewind with your family, friends and guests.

What makes intimate pool layouts stand out from others’? Definitely its design and decoration. When it comes to design, both size and shape matter a lot. A big swimming pool in a small backyard looks like something has gone vehemently wrong and vice versa.

There are other factors to consider as well. These include the style of your backyard, the kinds of plants and foliage, the operating expenses among others. The seating, dining and other lifestyle arrangements should also be considered while creating a private space that will be as charming and refreshing as an oasis in a desert.

In this blog post, we will share 10 ideas of the best space saving pool options that are currently making a splash.

Lap Pool

A lap pool is a long and narrow pool. It is another perfect design for a backyard with limited space. The pool can feel grand, if lined parallel with your house. A lap pool, usually rectangular in shape, can measure anything between 8 feet to 50 feet in length, depending on the available space.

This type is versatile, snuggly fitting between your house and fence line. Complete its look with some eye-catching paving and lined pool lights.

Circular Pool

Circular Design

Prefer a secluded place for making splashes? A round or circular pool creates a beautiful focal point for a small backyard, without looking obtrusive and out of tune. Add to its character and charm with some rustic stone pavers.

How do you like enclosing the area with some rustic colourful pebbles or foliage? However, avoid overdoing; otherwise, it will look cramped.


What’s your thought about the hybrid of a spa and a pool? Spool is a spa and pool combo doing rounds on the internet. Definitely, a few people already have it and others are craving it.

A spool is smaller than a standard pool. Their designs vary from 60 square feet to 128 square feet. Spools have all the luxury features like in-built seats and jets, which are common in premium pool designs.

The character of versatility makes it a good option in both summer and winter season. Adjust the temperature as per your desire.

infinity pool

Infinity Pool

Have you ever fancied living on the edge of a hill or cliff? Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? Also called the vanishing edge pool, more edges, its water running off etc create an illusion that the pool blends with the horizon.

The pool wears a resort-look style that makes it extra lux, lending a dramatic effect that is achievable in both large expenses as well as tight or even the pokiest spaces.

The design is a little more expensive than other small backyard pools but if you can afford splashing out extra, this premium swimming pool is a worthy consideration.

Above Ground Pool

In-ground pools are expensive. If you don’t have that much budget, think about an above-ground pool. It’s no less rewarding.

It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These pools, with steel, aluminium or fibreglass fencing, are easy to install and remove, thereby making a good option if you are looking for a fast and makeshift solution.

Add some daybeds, deckchairs and a wide-brimmed umbrella to give it an ultra-luxe character.

Free-Form Pools

An irregular-shaped backyard requires what can give it a more organic and organised look. If you are comfortable with the idea, don’t look beyond a kidney-shaped or any free-form pool.

Softer edges of the pool effortlessly blend with the landscape. You can use natural materials to mimic a sand-bank pool entry. The best part of designing these intimate pool layouts is you will get creative with more ideas and options.

One serious flipside: these pools are not suitable for serious swimmers. However, these are kids-friendly with child-safe entryways and low depth, which are good for lounging and minimal water movement.

Clear Pool Fencing

Do you have children and/or pets? If yes, zoning off the area is a good idea to safeguard them from getting drowned. Choosing a catchy, functional fencing is as important as great small pool designs.

As you have a small backyard, a frameless glass, perspex or lucite pool fence adds aesthetics without obstructing the view while creating a safe zone.

Of course, semi-transparent pool fencing with galvanised steel bars is also an effective and eye-candy option.

Modern Pool Villa

A modern, aesthetic landscape looks more enticing? You can recreate the magic with sleek, stylish and minimalist features. Use more squares, edging, angles, lighter materials and inbuilt seats to create an effect of white sand. All these features of contemporary pools can turn compact pool designs into abodes of peace.

The design of the surrounding landscape also matters. A manicured lawn, oversized umbrellas, white concrete tubs and anything that screams extravaganza and matches your luxury living is a key.

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