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What to Discuss with Your Real Estate Agent When Looking for a Condo


Here are some things you can discuss with your estate agent when it comes to buying a condo such as the marina view residences or elsewhere.

What are things you must have

We all have dreams of what we want in a perfect house or condo, but budget and situations mean we have to think about what we can actually have and what we just need, versus wants. When you start the look you need to think about what it is you want from your condo. Are you a big food lover and want a great kitchen to cook in? Do you require an assigned parking space? Do you need access to a communal outside space? If you work from home do you need office space? Do you need a certain level of security?

Are there any family needs?

You also need to think about who you are living with and what your future might look like. If you have parents who are aging they might need to live closer to a hospital. If you have children or might start a family then you would want to consider whether there were any good schools in the area. When you consider buying a watten estate condo think about whether it has everything you need so all of you can settle and be happy. Consider how long you will be there and what that means to your needs now and then.

Is commuting going to be a factor?

Commuting to work and back again is something a lot of people need to do but how are you doing it and how long is acceptable as a commute time? Are you using public transport and are you near enough to it? Is driving going to be especially hard from there?

What do you want to see in your community?

What you might want in a community is different from someone else. Some want something modern, thriving and busy, others might want something charming, peaceful and quaint. If you look at marina view residences think about the neighborhood, the community statistics and the type of people moving into the area. Also, ask about future developments so you know if things might change in the near future.

Can you afford the condo and the fees?

When you decide to live in a watten estate condo it is not just about the price of the condo it is also about monthly fees. You need to make sure that as well as getting a loan for the price of the condo you can manage the other costs as well. Think about your monthly income and make sure it is something you can comfortably cover. Make sure you know what the fees cover.


When you are looking for a condo to buy a real estate agent can be a great help. They usually ask these kinds of questions to make sure you get the right condo, for a price you can afford in the right location and so on.

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