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Why the Leister ST is the Best Tool for Plastic Welding

Plastic Welding


Plastic welding is used by many people in many different occupations – from plumbers to electricians, and mining to agriculture. Plastic welding is an easy efficient process that can be utilised in a number of different ways. Some bigger industries and companies will use large welding machinery and equipment to fulfil the services, but for smaller jobs, you can’t go past the Leister ST.

What is the Leister ST?

It is a handheld welding tool used in plastic welding. Its purpose is to heat up plastics to the melting point so that they can be joined with another plastic product.

Why should you purchase a Leister product?

Leister is an iconic and trustworthy brand and has been around since 1949. All of their products are of the highest quality and are made and developed in Switzerland. They also test their products multiple times before dispatchment, so you can be sure there won’t be any issues.

What can you use it for?

It is used for plastic welding, of course! Small hand held tools are ideal for construction sites, or for working home jobs. They make plastic welding easy as they can be carried around with you to fix or build anything that needs your attention.

What are the benefits of using the Leister ST over other models?

It is a small handheld device under 2kg – making it easy to hold and take with you to different job sites, especially with the sturdy tool case it comes in. It also has the benefit of removable vents for simple cleaning. It has a two-component hand grip making it sturdy and safe in your grip. Even with its small size, it is super powerful and you can choose between the 230V/2300W or the 230V/3400W model. It is also known for its highly adjustable air temperatures – right up to 1202°F.


There is a diverse range of products on the market when it comes to plastic welding tools – from large industrial-sized tools for production and manufacturing, or smaller tools for trades on the construction site. If you are after a smaller tool, you can’t go past the Leister ST. If you want to purchase some yourself or learn more about their tools, click here for Plastrals news – the best place to get your Leister equipment from.

Leister has been producing tools for over 60 years and is trusted by people all over the world to provide them with the best equipment of the highest quality.

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