May 30, 2024
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7 Tips to Make Your International Move Affordable

international move

Are you getting ready to relocate internationally? Various reasons compel people to move abroad, including work, education, retirement, or to explore new cultures and ways of life. Moving abroad is an exciting shift. But it also involves additional stress and planning. You must, after all, make several preparations, including how to ship your belongings, find a place to live, manage your finances, and much more.

It’s common for people to relocate abroad. However, many Americans find it hard to comprehend why an individual would desire to leave the country. The truth is it happens more frequently than most people may know. Did you also know that roughly 9 million U.S. citizens are living overseas? So, you’re not alone if you live in Florida yet want to relocate abroad. And while many people are still moving to the Sunshine State, making it the third most populous state in the country with an approximate population of 21.78 million, exorbitant rents, sweltering temperatures, and low wages are also driving away inhabitants.

Nonetheless, if you have decided to move out but want to cut back on your moving costs, you are in luck. The below article shares seven tips that can help you save money while moving internationally:

Why not make your move from Florida easy by hiring professional movers and letting them do the labor-intensive work? When moving out of Florida international movers can help ease the process.

Several processes go into international relocation planning. You can be confident that your belongings will be safe when you choose to engage with the services of a professional and accredited international moving company.

Moving professionals can also show you other ways to cut costs.

  • Start sorting your clutter

Before considering your shipping options or rates, look closely at your possessions. Evaluate what items you need and what you can part with.

It is most likely among the most effective methods for cutting relocation expenses. Getting ready to move gives you a chance to downsize your possessions. By purging a portion of your belongings, you may distinguish between items you must ship and those that can be donated or placed in storage. Even selling them is an option if you want to earn some more cash. In either case, your shipping expenses will be reduced when you have fewer things to ship abroad.

  • Think wisely about shipping options

Moving your belongings is the most challenging aspect of relocating abroad. You primarily have two choices for international shipping when moving abroad: ocean freight and air freight. Although air freight is feasible, it is also significantly more expensive. So, the good news is if you are tight on budget, you can go for sea freight.

Of course, each option has benefits and drawbacks. For example, although shipping by air only requires a little time (a few weeks), it is pricey. On the other hand, sea shipping is less expensive than other shipping methods, but it can take months to receive your things.

Another option to lower your international relocation expenses is by using a groupage cargo. As a result, your shipment is stored in a container with those of other customers.

  • Get and compare multiple quotes

Let’s face it, before making any purchase, every savvy buyer shops around a little. When purchasing a drink at the bar, this could seem like overkill, but when it comes to relocating abroad, it’s an excellent idea. Therefore, it is more advisable to search for an international moving company that offers the greatest value in exchange for the money you spend rather than focusing solely on finding the cheapest one.

A better idea is to conduct price comparisons with at least three businesses to understand costs and other factors and determine the best option for you. Afterward, determine your priorities by comparing shipping quotes. Moreover, remember that your negotiation strength will increase as your collection of quotes grows.

  • Get your taxes in order

No one can underestimate the importance of paying taxes – therefore, let’s not waste time. The last thing you want is to cough up in two different countries. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people to shell out income tax twice and only get the perks in the country they’ve relocated to.

It is relevant to note that irrespective of where you choose to relocate, every American citizen needs to disclose their income to the IRS. The only means of avoiding taxation is to relinquish your citizenship.

It would be best to consult with an accountant to prevent double taxation. In addition, you can avoid paying extra fines and fees by exploring various tax planning strategies with your accountant.

  • Book a flight that matches your move

Are you wondering when the ideal time to buy airline tickets is? Undoubtedly, a significant aspect of the cost of an overseas move depends on your flight decision.

When booking a flight, avoid peak season or holiday times as it generally costs more during these times. If you can swing it, try to schedule your flight for a Sunday and steer clear of booking midweek. Wednesdays are known for being the priciest and most crowded day to take to the skies.

Plan to purchase your tickets for short-haul flights roughly seven weeks in advance. However, when booking tickets for long-distance flights, aim to do it approximately 18 weeks beforehand.

Also, it is possible to set up alerts for aircraft tickets that monitor ticket costs and notify you when they fall below a predetermined level.

  • Prepare yourself for custom duty

When relocating abroad, you must prepare yourself for customs processes. So, familiarize yourself with the laws and regulatory customs of the country you’re relocating to and ensure you adhere to them.

A viable way to prepare for the customs process is by creating a thorough inventory of everything you carry. You must include the worth and their intended use in your list. Also, if the customs officers ask for them, you must keep receipts for expensive things as proof of their value.

Declare each of your possessions to customs officers, and be truthful about what you’re bringing. Not doing so can result in you risking fines or having your possessions taken away.

Remember, a customs broker or an international moving firm may be able to aid you if you’re unsure about any aspect of the customs procedures. In addition, they may offer guidance and assistance throughout the process.

Final thoughts

Relocating is never easy; moving abroad on a tight budget could be the most challenging relocation. Whichever country you relocate to, it will incur hefty costs on your budget. Several uncontrollable factors influence an international move’s cost. Making intelligent choices at every turn by heeding some money-saving advice, however, is the least expensive way to relocate abroad. In other words, relocating overseas on a budget needs thorough research, wise decisions, and introspection.

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