July 18, 2024
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Best Areas to Buy Property in Thailand – Top Neighborhoods for Investments

buy property in thailand

Phuket, the jewel of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, captivates visitors with its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and compelling real estate investment opportunities. Whether you’re looking to buy property for personal use or as an investment, Phuket offers a variety of neighborhoods each with their unique charm and potential for growth. In this article, we will explore the best areas to buy property in Phuket, highlighting the top neighborhoods for investment.

Key Takeaways

· Phuket offers diverse neighborhoods, each with unique investment potential.

· Surin Beach is known for its upscale properties and stunning coastal views.

· Ao Por provides a quieter, more secluded investment option with marina access.

· Patong is famous for its nightlife and high rental demand, making it ideal for investors seeking rental income.

· Nai Harn and Rawai are popular among expats and retirees, offering a laid-back lifestyle.

1. Surin Beach

Surin Beach, nestled along the west coast of Phuket, exudes sophistication and charm. Known for its upscale resorts, high-end dining, and exclusive beach clubs, Surin attracts a discerning clientele. Real estate opportunities in this area include luxurious villas and condominiums, making it an ideal choice for those aiming for premium investments. Investors should be prepared for higher entry costs in Surin, but the potential for significant returns, particularly in the luxury property market, makes it an attractive option for astute investors.

Surin Beach is renowned for its upscale beach clubs and luxury resorts. It attracts a wealthy demographic, making property prices high – typically around THB 200,000 per sqm. The area boasts high-end villas and exclusive condominiums. Surin Beach is quieter compared to Patong, appealing to those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. It’s expected to remain popular among luxury buyers, though its quieter nature might not appeal to everyone.

A luxurious 3-bedroom apartment with private pool in Surin, Phuket. Stunning sea views, near Surin Beach. Ideal for a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

Best Beach Villas

· Luxurious 3-bedroom apartment with private pool

· Stunning sea views

· Near Surin Beach

· Ideal for a comfortable and relaxing holiday

2. Ao Por

Ao Por, located in Northeastern Phuket, is renowned for its lush greenery and serene, rural atmosphere. This area is a haven for those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The ongoing development in Ao Por, including the emergence of pool villas and condos, presents significant potential for future growth. Enhancements in infrastructure are expected to positively impact property value and demand.

Key Features

· Lush Greenery: Ao Por is surrounded by verdant landscapes, making it an ideal location for nature lovers.

· Serenity: The area offers a peaceful environment, perfect for those looking to escape the city’s noise.

· Development Potential: With new properties and infrastructure improvements, Ao Por is poised for growth.

Investment Opportunities

Investing in Ao Por can be highly rewarding due to its potential for appreciation. The area is seeing a rise in the construction of pool villas and condos, which are attracting both local and international buyers. The serene environment and ongoing development make it a promising location for property investment.

Ao Por’s tranquil setting and development potential make it a prime choice for investors looking for long-term gains.

For more information on available properties, visit our listings.

3. Paklok

Paklok is a gorgeous suburb and remains one of Phuket’s most desirable locations to live. This area offers a more refined lifestyle, with an attractive blend of countryside and spectacular beaches, including a host of convenient facilities. Paklok is one of those great locations where you can be well away from the hustle and bustle, whilst being conveniently close to all of the key amenities that one could want and need.

Property Market in Paklok

Paklok is the right address for stylish family living. Property prices range from THB 5.4 million for a charming single-storey pool villa to THB 519.51 million for an imposing beachfront villa with breathtaking views across Phang Nga Bay. This wide range of property prices makes Paklok accessible for various types of property ownership.

Lifestyle and Amenities

This smart suburb has been the most desirable address on Phuket’s east coast, offering a more refined lifestyle than its neighbors. With an appealing blend of naturally attractive countryside, spectacular coast, and many convenient facilities around the area, Paklok truly offers a balanced lifestyle.

Paklok is known for its lush greenery, serenity, and rural atmosphere, making it a perfect escape from the urban hustle.

Key Highlights

· Refined Lifestyle: A blend of countryside and beaches.

· Convenient Facilities: Close to key amenities.

· Property Range: From affordable pool villas to luxurious beachfront properties.

· Serenity: Away from the hustle and bustle, offering peace and tranquility.

4. Patong

Patong is world-renowned as one of Phuket’s premium commercial districts. This area boasts a great beach and a truly one-of-a-kind nightlife scene that attracts holidaymakers from all over the world each year. Here you will find everything from delicious gastro cuisine (with impressive variety), fiendish nightclubs, classy shopping spots, and all sorts of other enticing things to see, taste, and try. What it lacks in peace and quiet, it makes up for in energy and color!

Real Estate Market

Known as the entertainment hub of Phuket, Patong offers a dynamic real estate market. Investors are drawn to the bustling streets, diverse nightlife, and proximity to the beach. Condominiums and hotels in this area cater to tourists and long-term renters, making it a hotspot for those seeking returns through rental income.

Property Prices

In Patong, you’ll find luxury condos and villas, with prices averaging around THB 150,000 per sqm. The short-term rental market thrives due to its lively nightlife and beach attractions. Tourists and party-goers predominantly seek modern condos and studio apartments. Amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and proximity to nightlife are highly valued.

Property TypeAverage Price per sqm (THB)
Luxury Condos150,000

Rental Market

The average price per night in Patong can range from 1,000 to 3,000 THB. Properties with unique features or luxury amenities can command higher prices. However, the seasonal nature of tourism can lead to fluctuations in occupancy rates.

Patong’s short-term rental market thrives due to its lively nightlife and beach attractions.

Patong remains a top choice for property buyers due to its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beach. While it is expensive due to its popularity with tourists and the high demand for properties, the potential for rental income makes it a worthwhile investment in the Phuket Real Estate Market.

5. Kamala

Kamala strikes a balance between serenity and luxury, making it an attractive choice for real estate investors. With its pristine beach and upscale resorts, this area appeals to high-end travelers and expatriates seeking a quieter environment. Investing in villas, condos, or resorts in Kamala offers a chance to tap into the premium market.

Kamala has evolved significantly, with land at the north end of the beach being developed into a new hotel and residential hub. This development is expected to further enhance the area’s appeal and property values.

Kamala is known for its more relaxed atmosphere, attracting long-term expatriates and retirees. The rental demand in Kamala is for spacious villas and apartments with amenities like pools and gyms. Such properties can earn a monthly rental of about 40,000-60,000 THB, with an expected rental yield of around 4-6%. To maximize rental income, focus on properties offering privacy and tranquility, ideally within a gated community.

Kamala could be considered one of the most in-demand markets in Phuket for both home buyers and property investors alike over recent years. Prices in Kamala range from 3.3 million THB for condos to a staggering 282 million THB for mega luxury villas with unparalleled ocean views.

Despite its popularity, Kamala has not been totally overrun by holidaymakers. You can still find privacy and have a taste of local life.

6. Bang Tao

Bang Tao is renowned for its high-class living and tranquil environment. This area is home to some of the longest and most deserted beaches on the island, making it a prime location for those seeking both luxury and privacy. The neighborhood is dotted with luxury resorts, night markets, and a variety of local amenities, ensuring that residents have everything they need within reach.

The Bangtao and Laguna areas, located on the Northwest coast of Phuket, offer a unique blend of natural beauty and upscale living. These areas are not only known for their breathtaking beaches but also for their world-class golf courses and sophisticated restaurants. The rising popularity of Bangtao and Laguna makes them an attractive investment opportunity, with great potential for rental income and capital appreciation.

For those interested in property investment, Bang Tao offers a range of options, from luxury villas to modern apartments. One notable listing is the ocean worldwide presents sea view 6 bed modern villa in bang tao for sale at thb 65,000,000. fully furnished with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, private pool, and jacuzzi. located in a serene setting near bangtao village.

Bang Tao is the place to go if you want to explore the longest and most deserted beaches on the island. This is the place to go for high-class living with night markets within reach, plenty of luxury resorts, and all of the tranquility one could ask for.

Investment Opportunities

· Luxury Villa In Thailand: The area is home to some of the best villas in Thailand, offering unparalleled luxury and comfort.

· Best Villa In Thailand: Properties in Bang Tao are considered some of the best in Thailand, making it a top choice for investors.

Local Amenities

· Night markets

· Luxury resorts

· Sophisticated restaurants

· World-class golf courses

Property Listings

· Ocean worldwide presents sea view 6 bed modern villa in bang tao for sale at thb 65,000,000. Fully furnished with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, private pool, and jacuzzi. Located in a serene setting near Bangtao village.

7. Rawai

Rawai, situated on the southern tip of Phuket, offers a laid-back atmosphere with a strong sense of local Thai culture. This neighborhood is popular among expatriates and those looking for a quieter lifestyle. Real estate options range from villas to apartments, catering to individuals or families seeking a serene environment.

Initially a fishing village, Rawai is evolving into a trendy area for property investment. It’s popular for its authentic local feel and beautiful seafront. The prices in Rawai are more affordable, around THB 120,000 per sqm, due to its past as a less developed area. The neighborhood has seen new developments, attracting a mix of young professionals and expats.

Rawai is known for being affordable and budget-friendly. The reason for its lower prices is its location at the southern tip of the island, which is a bit further from the major tourist hotspots. However, property values might rise due to ongoing development and its growing popularity among expats seeking a quieter lifestyle.

Rawai is a real breath of fresh air for tourism, shaded by towering pine trees and defined by reputable cafes, restaurants, and cultural diversity. You can find everything you need here from supermarkets and grocery stores, making it a comfortable location for living.

8. Nai Harn

Once a quiet and overlooked area, Nai Harn is gaining popularity for its stunning beach and serene environment. Property prices in Nai Harn average around THB 130,000 per sqm, cheaper than the upscale areas due to its recent emergence as a hotspot. It’s attracting those who seek a peaceful lifestyle away from the crowds. The neighborhood is expected to grow in popularity, especially among expats and retirees.

Nai Harn’s strengths are its natural beauty and tranquility, but it might be too quiet for some, and it’s a bit remote from the main city areas. Villas For Sale Thailand in this area offer a unique blend of local charm and modern amenities, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a serene yet luxurious lifestyle.

· Average Property Price: THB 130,000 per sqm

· Ideal For: Expats, retirees, and those seeking a peaceful lifestyle

· Key Features: Stunning beach, serene environment, and growing popularity

The area’s strengths include its authentic vibe and scenic views, but it lacks the bustling nightlife of more established areas.

9. Kata

Kata strikes a balance between liveliness and tranquillity, making it an appealing destination for both tourists and long-term residents. The area boasts a beautiful beach, a variety of dining options, and a more relaxed atmosphere compared to bustling Patong. Condominiums and villas in Kata offer a mix of affordability and investment potential.

Kata is popular among locals and tourists alike. With plenty of new cafes and restaurants opening all the time, you’ll never be short of things to taste and try! There is a great surfing community in Kata which is constantly adding to the economic vitality of the neighbourhood. This gorgeous beach provides a tranquil setting for a laid-back way of life.

Kata property market makes it onto our list thanks to its various choices and location benefits. There is something for everyone. You can find your dream property here with price ranges from THB 2.9 million for condominium with sea view up to THB 165 million for oceanfront pool villa, perched on a secluded headland above Kata Bay.

Demand in Kata is high for apartments and villas that offer comfort and proximity to the beach. Key amenities include pools, kitchen facilities, and family-oriented services.

10. Karon

Karon is a great area that offers the whole package, which is something that attracts investors and home buyers alike. You can get your hands on some quality real estate in Karon, ranging from 3.7 million THB upwards of 19 million THB. Karon provides residents the ideal blend of a healthy work/life balance. Being just 20 minutes away from Patong and Chalong, you’re never too far away from the action. Karon boasts white sandy beaches and a friendly neighbourhood that’s all about embracing the beautiful outdoors – of which Phuket has plenty. From walks on the beach, volleyball sessions, or feasting with friends and family, you’ll never be short of things to do.

Karon’s properties have the whole package that homebuyers and investors look for. They have sea views, beachside parks, sports facilities, smart bus services, and awesome dining options. Price ranges from THB 3.7 million for a stylish condominium on a hillside overlooking the Andaman Sea to THB 19 million for a penthouse with panoramic views of Karon Beach.

Living in Karon means enjoying the best of both worlds: a healthy work/life balance and proximity to vibrant areas like Patong and Chalong. With long stretches of white sand beach, life in this friendly neighbourhood is all about outdoor activities and community spirit.


Phuket offers a diverse range of neighborhoods that cater to various investment goals and personal preferences. Whether you are looking for high rental demand areas, upscale and popular neighborhoods, or emerging hotspots, Phuket has something to offer for every investor. The key to making a profitable investment lies in understanding the unique characteristics and potential of each area. By carefully considering your objectives and conducting thorough research, you can make informed decisions that will lead to rewarding real estate investments in this tropical paradise. Happy investing!

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