June 17, 2024
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Signs That Your Ductless AC System Needs a Repair

ductless ac system

Winter is the season when most people start thinking about their ductless heating systems. Winter is also a period when most family members are at home because of the holidays. Your heating appliance is essential during this period to ensure that everybody feels comfortable staying around. Most homeowners prefer ductless heating systems because of their energy efficiency and low maintenance.

But just like any other appliance, your ductless AC system can develop technical issues and malfunction when you need it the most. The average lifespan of a ductless system is approximately 20 years if maintained properly. But it can also break down from time to time because of damage or excessive use. Your ductless AC system can also develop issues as it nears the end of its lifespan.

It is important to regularly keep an eye on any signs of malfunctioning to save money in terms of costly repairs. You should contact the top services for AC repair in Las Vegas as soon as you notice any of the following signs:

1. Leaking fluids

Your ductless heating system is not supposed to leak any fluids. In case you notice any kind of leakage, chances are that your heater is leaking refrigerant. Your ductless AC system is usually equipped with a refrigerant in order to circulate heat throughout your home. Refrigerant is not only risky for your heater but also dangerous to your health. You need to contact a technician immediately after realizing the leakage.

2. Lack of efficiency

The energy efficiency of your ductless AC system starts to decrease from the first day you start operating it. There are certain elements that often cause your AC system to overwork in order to maintain the right temperatures in the house. It is important to have your AC ductless system repaired if you realize it is not energy-efficient.

3. Ice buildup

Whether it is in the dead of winter or the middle of summer, your ductless system is likely to face functionality issues. If anything goes wrong in the ductless system, then it means there will be no proper heating. Ice buildup on your ductless system might seem normal, but it is normally a sign that the evaporator coil is not properly functioning. A dirty coil makes it difficult for the ductless system to operate normally.

4. Unusual sounds

If your ductless system starts producing loud or unusual noises, then it is an indication that it requires repair or maintenance. There are several moving parts inside a ductless system, and any damage will cause them to start producing unusual noises or sounds. Squealing could be an indication that there could be an issue with the fan motor belt. A hissing sound may indicate a refrigerant leakage.

5. Increased utility bills

As your ductless system grows older, it loses its efficiency because of wearing down. The normal lifespan of a ductless system is 20 years. However, there are many components that can easily wear out and make the system less efficient. Repairing or replacing them will save you from higher utility bills every month.

6. Foul smell

If you notice a funky smell coming from your ductless heating system, then there’s a problem inside the unit. A foul odor is usually caused by a clogged evaporator coil with mold or bacteria. The condensate line may also be clogged, and water in the pan contains mildew. Mold is dangerous to your health. It is important to talk to a qualified technician to check and repair your ductless heating system before the problem worsens.

7. A lack of heat

This may sound obvious, but if your ductless heating unit is not producing heat, you need to repair it as soon as possible. The issue could be an electrical malfunction or a clogged air filter. An HVAC technician will be able to open it up and diagnose the problem. You should call them immediately when you realize your ductless system is not generating heat as required.

8. A malfunctioning outdoor unit

Everything inside the house may normally be working, but you must understand that the ductless heating system has an outdoor unit that is also prone to wearing out. If you realize something is not right with the outdoor unit, then it is time to contact your HVAC duct technician.

In a nutshell, there are several signs that show your ductless heating system has a problem and needs repair.

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