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Essential Tips for Hiring Drainage Plumbers

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If you have experienced a plugged or clogged drain you know it can quickly become more than just a minor inconvenience. When the plunger no longer helps or when things become more serious you will need to look for professional drainage plumbers. Ideally, you want experience and the ones who have the latest in drain clearing technology. They will then be able to find and remove even the worst blockages. Here are some essential tips for hiring the best professionals for the job.

Ask if they are licensed plumbers

First of all, you should always confirm they are licensed. This makes the work they do legal and indicates they are serious about their job. They should be able to show that license to you and it needs to be up to date, for where you live and be genuine. You can check that kind of thing online.

Look at their references

A good way to judge professionals is to see what former clients or customers have to say. You can read reviews online, but sometimes not all of those are completely real as anyone can say what they want. But asking for references is still something to do even in these modern times. If they delay giving you references or say they do not have any then consider whether you want to move on to the next potential company. Is what customers say matching up with the claims the plumbers are making about their experience and skills? Call the references and ask them about how things went.

Make sure they are insured

When you hire drainage plumbers you should make sure that as well as having a valid license they are insured. Sometimes things go wrong and the last thing you want is damage property or pipes that you have to cover. You won’t get paid compensation to cover it and then you are out of pocket, possibly by a significant amount.

Do they offer any other services you could use?

Sometimes plumbers will focus on specific jobs or marketing for their main roles, but they might offer other services alongside. A plumber might focus on drains and blockages or they might do other plumbing work. Consider what your needs are and the future too. If you do not have someone else to handle sewer repairs for example, maybe you will want a drainage plumber that also offers that service. It saves you time and money if you can hire professionals who are able to do more than one thing for you.

Get an estimate and compare

Before the drainage plumbers begin anything you should ask them for a free estimate for the job and then compare what others are offering. While price is definitely not the only factor, you can make sure the estimates include the same details, labour, materials and such so it is a fair comparison.


Try to call in professionals as soon as you see you need them. Putting things off with plumbing tends to lead to larger issues that you will pay more to be dealt with.

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