July 22, 2024
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Factors Involved When Considering Getting New Office Space


Being a business owner is tough and there are a lot of tough choices to make as you start and grow including whether to buy office space in Kolkata. But it is an important decision as this is the space that will affect how profitable you are and the growth and success of your business. Even small things like lighting can make a huge difference in how employees feel and how clients and customers feel. To help you with the search for new office space here are some concerns to keep at the forefront of your mind.

Get yourself a commercial property real estate agent

There are agents that focus just on finding certain types of commercial properties like offices, whether you want to buy or rent. It is always to find one who specialise in the kind of property you want, as they have more experience and a stronger network to draw on.

Consider the location you need to thrive

Think about where you need to be for your business not just do ok, but thrive. Some might need their office space in Kolkata to be in a central and public location for foot traffic. You also have the benefit of staff being able to use local transportation, and being able to access places to eat at lunchtime too. Being away from that kind of bustle has its own advantages, such as more space for something like a warehouse if you need it, more parking space, and even perhaps better access for deliveries.

Appearance is something to think about

You can change the property and how it looks, but if you want to save some money on that, look at how it is before you buy to make sure the colours and such are good with you. Clients will not want to walk into offices that are dingy and tatty.

Is the place accessible?

You will want to buy office space in Kolkata that is accessible. There is no point in buying somewhere that is a great price but the people who work for you cannot get there, or there is no parking at all, or customers and clients might struggle to find you.

Consider the lighting

Lighting is important. It changes the feel as well as the look of a building and should not be underestimated in importance. If there is not a good setup, do you have the money to update the lighting in the building?

Can you get all hooked up?

Make sure all the plumbing is good and works, that all the power is working and then that you can connect to the internet and have phone access.


There are a lot of real estate agents who can help you look for office space in Kolkata just look for a few years under their belts, and specialisation in the type of property you want to buy. Also make the sure the properties you look at would suit your business, or would make a good investment.

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