June 21, 2024

Getting Creative with Window Blinds

window blinds

It can be overwhelming when choosing between different window treatments as there are a lot of options. Even when you have settled on a type, like window non-motorised or motorised blinds, you then have a lot of styles and variety to select from and break down. There are things to consider, do you want slats or strips of fabric, or a whole panel? Do want fabric blinds, or something like bamboo, wood, or plastic? Do you want to operate with a chain, a chord, or something else? Do they need to be treated for a humid environment like in a bathroom or kitchen? Do you need something that is easy to clean?

Creating the right look with Roman blinds

Whether you choose Roman blinds or blockout blinds or any other type there is a lot you can do with them to get the right look for your home. For example, Roman blinds add a lot of character but are very simple in their look and function. As they are lifted the material folds into sections so you can block the light as much as you want or also achieve complete privacy. You can dress up a room with the best choice in blinds or you can keep things more casual. How you create the right look is all up to you.

Exploring roller blinds

Another option is roller blinds. These are made up of a single piece of fabric that is attached to a roller so you can roll it up or down. The fabric is stiffened and the roller sits in brackets above the window. Roller blinds can be operated via a chain, or you can choose motorised blinds. Then there are cords that run through rings in the fabric which allows it to operate. The blinds are super easy to clean and use and can be used in different rooms, even coated to be suitable in moist rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

Getting creative with your choice of combinations

Another option you have if you want to experiment is having a mix of different treatment options not just only sticking to one. You can have a mix of curtains or blinds around the home, you can even have a mix of treatments at the same window. You could have blockout blinds mixed with a floaty material like muslin, or thick roller blind with a full-length curtain. The mix depends on what you need and you can achieve a look that also achieves more privacy and warmth or something light and open and breezy.


When you are decorating a small space or a large one, a home or a place of work, what you put on the windows has a big impact. Blinds are a great way to stop light entering the area. The look of them and how they function is important so take your time as you look at your options and know it is okay to explore and mix it up if you want. There is a lot out there to look at!

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