July 20, 2024
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Hiring a Great Plumber: Red Flags to Look For


It’s a pleasant day in Sacramento when you notice them: the warning signs that your sewer main has a leak. You’ve got the smell, the soggy spots on walls, the water backing up in sinks. You go to look for a specialist, but there are so many different choices. Furthermore, you want to make sure you get the best plumber possible so this isn’t a problem in the future. What are some warning signs that you can look for that let you know the plumber isn’t reliable? Here are some red flags when hiring a plumber.

Unlicensed and Uninsured

In order to be licensed and insured, plumbers need to meet certain requirements with their work process. This especially includes cleanliness at work sites. If the plumber arrives dirty, with tools that aren’t properly managed, then they’re likely not licensed. Make sure you ask for copies of their license, and even follow up with the licensing company to make sure it’s legitimate.


A good sewer main plumber will be able to repair the damage without digging up your yard or tearing your walls apart. They will have tools that give them the ability to get to the damage without taking out more than is necessary. Trenchless sewer line repair is the best means of dealing with these issues with minimal damage to your property. If you are concerned with your plumber’s tool selection, or if they say they can’t perform a trenchless repair, then ask them to explain their whole process to you.


Payment is a huge indicator on the type of work a plumber will do. If the plumber offers an estimate without first evaluating your home, then they will likely overcharge you. Plumbers may try to raise the price over time, especially if they bring in more workers. They’ll use that as an excuse to charge more.

Another tactic is to lowball the price. Their parts and processes are much cheaper than other plumbers’, but after the job is done, those cheap parts don’t last and you don’t get your money’s worth. The same could be said if they highball the price. Their parts aren’t actually that expensive, but they pass them off as top of the line and ask for a very high payment. Keep an eye out for a plumber that offers something right in the middle. Ask where they get their parts from and see how they react.


Main line repair in Sacramento should be taken seriously, and only handled by an experienced and qualified professional. Be sure you find the right person for the job if such a situation should arise in your home.

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