June 13, 2024
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How to Paint Your Mobile Home Bathtub?

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When it comes to giving your mobile home’s bathroom a makeover, upgrading your bathtub can make all the difference. Replacing an old or outdated bathtub can be expensive, time-consuming and often requires a professional. However, with a little effort, you can transform your bathtub’s appearance and functionality by painting it yourself. This article will guide you through painting your mobile home bathtub, from the tools you’ll need to choose the right paint and finishing touches.

Benefits of Painting Your Mobile Home Bathtub

There are many benefits to painting your mobile home bathtub, including the following:

Saving money instead of replacing
Providing a new look and increasing value

Saving money instead of replacing

By painting your mobile home bathtub, you can save yourself the cost of replacing a bathtub completely.

Providing a new look and increasing value

Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can update the look of your bathroom and add value to your mobile home.

What You Need for a Successful Job

To successfully paint your mobile home bathtub, you’ll need the following:

Tools and materials
A well-prepared surface
Safety measures

Tools and materials

Some of the necessary tools and materials include

a paintbrush,
paint rollers,
sandpaper, and
a respirator mask.

A well-prepared surface

Proper surface preparation is also crucial, including cleaning and sanding the bathtub.

Safety measures

It’s also necessary to take safety cautions, like wearing gloves and a respirator mask when working with paint.

mobile home bathtub

Types of Paint for Mobile Home Bathtub

Various types of paint can be used to paint your mobile home bathtub, including:

Epoxy paint
Acrylic paint
Enamel paint

Before selecting a color, consider the factors most important for your project and choose accordingly.

Color Choices

When selecting the perfect color for your bathtub, the choices are endless. From bold and bright to soft and muted, you can get creative and choose the color that best fits your style. Additionally, you can create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom using various painting techniques.

How To Paint Your Mobile Home Bathtub

To paint your mobile home bathtub, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Remove old paint
Sand the bathtub
Prime the surface
Begin painting
Allow the bathtub to dry

Removing Old Paint

Before starting any painting project, beginning with a clean and smooth surface is vital. If your bathtub has remnants of its previous layer of paint, removing them before moving on to the next steps is essential. Consider using a paint stripper product to soften up and remove the color easily. Follow the product’s safety guidelines carefully and wear personal protective equipment.

Sanding The Bathtub

Once you have removed the old paint from the mobile home bathtub, it’s time to make the surface ready for the new coat of paint. Sanding the bathtub may improve the paint and surface adhesion to prevent the color from flaking off. Appy sand and fine-grit sandpaper in a circular motion to prevent creating grooves on the surface.

Priming The Surface

Before applying the finishing paint coat, you need to prime the tub’s surface. A primer helps create a bonding layer between the surface and the paint, increasing its adhesion strength. Choose a primer that is compatible with your bathtub’s material and apply it evenly using a high-quality brush or roller.

Begin Painting

Once the primer has dried – typically after 4-6 hours – you can apply the topcoat to your bathtub. It’s essential to choose a paint that can withstand frequent exposure to water and moisture. Epoxy coatings are an excellent option and come in various colors and finishes. Apply the paint evenly using a brush, roller, or paint sprayer and let it dry overnight.

Allowing The Bathtub To Dry

After finishing the painting step, the final critical step is to let the tub dry thoroughly. You want to avoid using the bathtub until the paint has completely cured. The curing process time varies, but most paints take about 24 – 48 hours to dry correctly.

By carefully following these steps, you can ensure your bathtub looks gorgeous and lasts for years.

Finishing Touches

Adding the final touches to your newly painted bathtub is crucial. Using the right tools and materials gives your bathtub a polished appearance and ensures longevity.


Maintaining your newly painted bathtub is essential to prevent chipping and discolouration. By following a few simple points, like not using abrasive cleaners and avoiding sitting water, you can keep your bathtub looking beautiful for years.


In conclusion, painting your mobile home bathtub is a simple and inexpensive way to make your bathtubs in a mobile home feel more like home. It will take about 2 or 3 hours to complete depending on the size of the mobile home bathtub. This blog was helpful for those of you who are looking to paint your mobile home bathtub!

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