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How to Sketch a Floor Plan

sketch a floor plan

For a room arrangement, you can sketch a rough outline on a paper or board which would be really useful in that case. But when you have decided to draw a floor plan, it takes long time. The process of designing really help you in visualising things that would create a clear idea Infront of you. For scaling, create a floor plan is so easy like taking proper measurements with a tap, then you just have to take a pencil and a graph paper to execute your result.

A floor plan describes each section of the drawing and each of the structure are very clear to you from every area. If there are no roof in the structure and there are only some structures like window and doors, then it would be easier for you to draw a rough structure. Always try to draw an easy and capable structure that would be basic for all.

The most tough challenges are drawing a scale through a particular stair measurement and making a specific design idea through which the steps should match.

Through the structure we have to show that how the different floor structure, elevators, ramps, stairwells and escalators work to several floor levels. In high floor buildings elevators and escalators are highly used where as the stairwells and ramps are commonly used in low stories buildings and less buildings.

Kinds of Plans

Floor Plans on Paper

To visualize your project, you have to create a particular floor plan on a paper that is helps you to understand the whole project plan. This process is mostly suitable for your plan in case of you want more flexibility in your structure. If you want to give a flexible look to your structure then you have to do a digital version and draw a rough structure on a tablet or a computer.

Floor Plans through a Computer or a Tablet

Though this solution seems very complex for the users who are not basically technophile, there are several basic programmes that aimed at DIY users.

However, doing a floor plan through your computer offers various advantage –

  • Sketching through your computer tools is faster.
  • Future modifications about any plan are easy.
  • You can quickly get any 3D plan of your structure.
  • You can easily share any plan with your near and dear ones.

Through this article we are going to discuss about how to sketch a floor plan using the computer.

Before You Begin Preparation

Site Measurements

If you need to renovate or repair you existing apartment or house, firstly you need to measure the size of the interior wall and also have to measure the exterior walls. Also, you need to remember to measure the distance between the different objects like doors, windows etc. Also, measure the height and width of the objects. You can also use your iPad or iPhone to easily measure your room with the help of room scanner and through this step you can get an easy eye set up about your plan.

If You Are Planned to buy a New House

Obviously, if you want to buy or build your house, you should follow the steps. It is quite difficult to imagine the outer structure of a house and forecast the plan. But you can decide the floors that you want to and the bedrooms, bathrooms and the drawing rooms that must include into your plan.

If you are confused about your beginning, you can easily find any ready-made plans on any website. The only thing that to have to do is find any architectural site and fill the details that you like or dislike.

How to Sketch a Floor Plan through the Computer

If you thoroughly read the article then you probably understand that we are suggested you to plan a digital format. With the modern devices like tab or iPad, you can easily do this. This totally a wonderful news for those who always wanted to do a floor plan digitally.

Step 1: Identify the Design Software.

Step 2: Next Select Particular Project Scale.

Step 3: Select Measurements Units.

Step 4: Sketch walls.

Step 5: Sketch Ceilings and Floors.

Step 6: Attach Doors and Windows.

Step 7: Attach Mark Footage and Dimensions.

Step 8: Spot Separate Areas with Colours.

Step 9: Stamp the Rooms.

Step 10: Attach Furniture and Stairs.

Step 11: Modify the Floor Plan.

Step 12: Convey the Floor Plan into a Graphic File


The most useful feature is the perfection of a floor plan scale. Like various useful components, stairs include an opportunity to provide useful and accessible both path to the plan. This also add different element to the owner’s pleasure of living in the home.

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