July 22, 2024

Ordinary Portland Cement : Uses & Advantages

Ordinary Portland Cement

Ordinary Portland cement is one of the most widely and commonly available type of Portland cement. This type of cement is a fine powder that when is mixed with water becomes the material that binds and holds the aggregate material together in the concrete. This cement is composed of limestone that is whitish-grey in color and can be found on the island of Portland. However, one must keep in mind that Portland is caustic in nature and may cause chemical burns.

Now, let us take a look at what are the uses of Ordinary Portland cement.

Uses Of Ordinary Portland Cement

The following are the uses of ordinary Portland cement

  • Ordinary Portland cement is usually used in order to reinforce concrete buildings, bridges, pavements, and locations where soil conditions are normal.
  • Ordinary Portland Cement is heavily put into use for general construction purposes in cases where special properties are not really not required.
  • This cement has an amazing capacity to maintain resistance to cracking and shrinkage. However, it is less resistant to chemical attacks.
  • In most of the concrete masonry units, this ordinary Portland cement can be used.

 Now, we will learn about what are the ordinary Portland cement advantages and disadvantages.

Ordinary Portland Cement Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of Ordinary Portland Cement:

  • The ordinary Portland cement has an amazing amount of resistance to cracking and shrinkage
  • The initial setting of ordinary Portland cement is definitely a lot more than the setting of PPC.
  • The treatment period of ordinary Portland cement, in comparison to other cements is extremely less and henceforth, the cost of treatment is also reduced.

Disadvantages of Ordinary Portland Cement:

  • The ordinary Portland cement cannot be utilised for large-scale concreting due to the fact that it has a higher amount if heat of hydration than Portland pozzolana cement.
  • The level of durability of ordinary Portland cement is comparatively lower than Portland pozzolana cement
  • Relatively less amount of solid concrete is produced in ordinary Portland cement in comparison to Portland pozzolana cement, and therefore, the pumping of the concrete becomes a little difficult task.
  • Ordinary Portland cement is finer and therefore, has a higher amount of permeability which leads to consequently having a lower amount of durability
  • Ordinary Portland cement is comparatively more expensive than Portland pozzolana cement.

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