June 21, 2024

Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

deck lighting

Your pergola is a beautiful feature that can be added to any deck. It will make your deck stand out. You can use the pergola’s pillars and crossbeams to provide many lighting options. Recessed lighting fixtures can create an inviting atmosphere in your dining and visiting areas. You can do this by attaching a fixture to the beams and letting in a soft light wash. Uplighting is another option. These fixtures can be attached to the pergola’s bottom or placed in the flooring to highlight its architecture.

Step & bistro lighting

You can see how we integrated both step lighting and bistro light onto this deck. This ensured safety and created a festive, fun atmosphere for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day. Recessed tread fixtures were used to safely light these steps. The tread light is attached to the back of the vertical face on the step. This directs light down onto the horizontal surface below. Bistro light strands can be added to create a welcoming nighttime atmosphere that draws you in.

Post lighting

Post lights shine light downwards and provide a safety feature for railing posts. This light is soft and not too strong, so it works well as safety lighting. There are many styles and designs of post lights that will add life and safety to your deck.

LED strip lights

Because of their versatility, LED strip lights have become very popular. These lights are a great way to lighten deck railings and stairs. These are great for accentuating under counters in your barbecue and dining areas. These flexible strips have tiny LED lights embedded within them. These are usually found on rolls and often have an adhesive backing.

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