May 30, 2024

Post Construction Clean-up – Everything You Need

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From start to finish, construction is a dirty job. Cleaning up construction sites takes the right kind of people with the right equipment and supplies.

Professional clean-up of newly constructed or renovated buildings is a worthwhile opportunity for janitorial companies to offer as an added service. You can use this niche to broaden your market when you offer competitive rates and market your services.

Equipment and Supplies for Post-Construction Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies are forces of nature. They come heavily armed with equipment and supplies, get in and then get out fast. The price for a professional cleaning crew is about $750 to $1200 for one day of cleaning. A professional cleaning crew with the right equipment and supplies will be worth every penny.

Every cleaning company needs, at a minimum, cleaning supplies like degreasers, disinfectants, and glass cleaners. They also need microfiber cloths, dusters, mops, and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners.

To specialize in post-construction clean-up, a cleaning service needs all of that and more. Post-construction clean-up requires tools and equipment like carpet cleaners, power washers, and floor scrubbers.

Waste removal equipment is the best type of equipment to make your cleaning service more efficient. Construction waste is bulky and doesn’t fit into trash cans. Removing construction waste in small loads will eat into your time and profits. You need to have a waste disposal method that is safe, too.

Many cleaning companies use self-dumping hoppers. A self-dumping hopper, also called a trash hopper, or scrap hopper, is an ideal tool to keep on the job site throughout the construction process. These hoppers are easier to use than other large waste receptacles, and they have built-in safety features.

Trash hoppers are easy to move with a forklift or a skid steer, making it simple to move large loads of bulky construction waste in less time. There are many styles of self-dumping hoppers to choose from, such as stretch hoppers and low-profile hoppers. In addition, trash hoppers custom built for your needs will make your jobs even easier.

Once you get the trash out of the way, the detailed cleaning begins.

The Phases of Post Construction Cleaning

A methodical approach works well when you are taking on a cleaning project. For example, professional cleaning companies use these three phases of post-construction cleaning when they give price estimates.

Breaking the work down into these phases will make it easier to estimate how much time it will take. It also provides a framework for getting the work done. This is even more important if you are running a crew of people.

The first phase is the rough clean phase, where all the debris is disposed of. The second phase is a light cleaning. This will require the most time. After that, you will do touch-up cleaning.

Depending on your cleaning contract, some types of touch-up cleaning won’t be required. Make certain that your contracts clearly stipulate what is and isn’t required.

Post Construction Clean-up Price Calculator

Knowing what to charge is important in any industry, but when you are bidding on projects, it is even more critical to be in line with your competitors. Consult a post-construction clean-up online pricing guide to determine what you should bid.

On average, post-construction cleaning services charge $0.25 per square foot. Different types of projects cost more. Separate your bid for each cleaning phase to give your clients even more flexibility.

Marketing Your Post Construction Clean-up Services

Every business needs to advertise. The post-construction cleaning industry is no different.

There are a lot of ways to market your cleaning services to reach your local customers:

  • Flyers– put flyers up on bulletin and notice boards at grocery stores, community centers, and convenience stores. Flyers don’t cost a lot to make, but just be sure that you have all the information on them that people need to make a decision to contact you.
  • Social media– Facebook ads are not very expensive, and you can use your social media account to promote any specials or offers that you have. All types of social media are a great way to reach people to keep them updated about your business.
  • Word of mouth– capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising by using special offers like refer-a-friend. Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful advertising tool if you learn to use it to your advantage.

Add Post Construction Clean-up to Your Cleaning Services

Cleaning up after construction jobs is a good service to add to your cleaning business. If you already have most of the tools and supplies, it’s easy to start offering this service by getting everything else you need to move forward in this niche.

Price your services, make some flyers, and let your current customers know that you are adding this service. It’s a great way to scale your cleaning business.

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