April 15, 2024
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Bed Bugs 101: Understanding Professional Treatments For Elimination

Bed Bugs

Also known by their scientific name cimex lectularius, bed bugs are one of the common insects found in Texas homes. These insects are flat and small in size, often appear red to brown in color, and can measure up to 7 mm in length. Unlike termites that live on wood, bed bugs survive on blood, and therefore, these pests need a host. You are more likely to find bed bugs in used furniture, hotels, and public transport. Encountering these nasty insects in your home can be a nightmare in the truest sense, and it is imperative that you call the experts immediately. Get on the internet and search for a local pest control website and call to schedule an inspection and service if necessary. Here are some key things to know about bed bugs.

Spotting the signs

Because bed bugs are most active at night and don’t usually roam in the open, finding these pests can be hard. There are some telltale signs of infestation that you can quickly identify, such as-

  1. Black droppings on your sheets and mattresses
  2. Shed skins around furniture and furnishings
  3. Bite marks on your body that appear in a line
  4. Tiny blood stains on sheets and linens
  5. A musty odor in affected areas that’s hard to explain

Getting rid of bed bugs

Once you find the signs above, find a local company that deals with bed bug extermination. Typically, the company will send pest control experts to inspect your home, and there are varied treatments that can be used for the situation, including –

  • Heat Treatment: Often used for widespread infestation, heat treatment involves raising the temperature of the room to such a level that the bed bugs die. Of course, additional steps must be taken to protect your valuables before the treatment is initiated. This kind of treatment helps kills these bugs from places that are otherwise hard to reach.
  • Steam Treatment: Similar to heat treatment, steam treatment for bed bugs is used when the extent of the infestation is limited. The process is safe and doesn’t involve the use of any toxic chemicals. Again, you will have to work with pest control experts to ensure that your belongings are safe.
  • Chemical Treatment: For minor or small infestations, chemicals are often used to eliminate bed bugs. The option also comes in handy when only spot treatment is required, and in all likelihood, the pest control experts will repeat the work for a second or third time.

You can also ask the pest control company for preventive measures.

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