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Crucial Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment

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Whenever you lookout for a new apartment to rent, you should consider some important questions before you lock in the new place. There are times when you visit a property and get enticed by the beauty of the apartment and think it is the perfect place for you, but that is not true. It would be best to have all your essential queries cleared out while touring the place to ensure you don’t face any later issues. If you are someone apartment hunting, you have come to the right place as this article will help you with the questions to ask before renting an apartment.

But what aspects should you consider or what questions should you ask the broker before you finalize an apartment for rent?

Let me guide you with the various aspects and essential questions so that when you choose an apartment for yourself, it should be the absolute best for you!

List of Important questions to ask before renting an apartment:-

1. How much is the monthly rent?

First and foremost, always get cleared with the amount of rent you have to pay and the amenities you are getting on behalf of it. This question is really very important one before you finalize an apartment as the prices of the rent you saw online might fluctuate over time; thus, get in touch with your agent and check on the rental amount. Make sure you never choose an apartment whose rental is more than 25% of your total income, as it might disturb your monthly budget.

2. What amenities are included in the rent?

The monthly rent you pay includes the costs of all utilities and amenities that you will receive. Be sure to find out what you’ll be getting, as the utilities are included in the rent. Thus, consider asking this question so that you don’t miss out on any facility offered to you when you rent that property.

3. What is the Security Deposit amount?

Apart from the rent, you also need to pay a security amount when you rent a place for the first time, and the amount depends on the broker and the property owner. Generally, it ranges between the total rent of 1 to 3 months. Before you choose a place for yourself, make sure you ask about the security deposit amount and how it will get settled later.

4. What’s the Parking Situation in society?

If you live in a prime city and own a vehicle, you must check the parking situation of the apartment you are renting. This often happens to be a deal-breaker for many as many apartments do not provide proper parking or charge more for a parking spot. Always prefer a well-secured and guarded parking area and if you don’t get a parking spot, find a garage nearby.

5. What is the pet policy?

Finding an apartment that allows pets and are pet friendly can be a little hectic at times. You should be well aware of the apartment pet policies before shifting to the new place with your pet. Many apartments also restrict certain breeds of pets and do not allow particular sizes of pets, thus clarifying all the things with the pet policy question.

6. Are There Any Income or Credit Requirements?

Ensure that renting the apartment of your choice requires any income or credit requirements, as many landlords do wish to have tenants with a monthly income of more than 3X of the rent amount. Some apartment applications also require your credit score, and typically you would require a score of 650 or more, but it varies from place to place. You might also need to show your salary slip.

7. Will the rent increase in future?

If you are looking for a long-term apartment renting or will settle in the same apartment for a few years, make sure about the changes in the lease that could happen. If the rent will increase regularly after a certain period, you should learn about that fact.

8. What is the procedure for maintenance requests?

You might need emergency maintenance in your apartment at times. Thus you should always know the procedure for requesting maintenance. Also, ask if the maintenance is available 24/7 and, if not, the time period for maintenance to be done.

9. What is the guest policy of the apartment?

Ask your broker if having visitors won’t be an issue and if night stays are allowed or not. This is a fundamental question that you must get cleared before renting an apartment. Many places do have a strict guest policy, but some are lenient. Thus, before you sign the lease contract, make sure to know this.

10. Do you need renters insurance?

Many landlords ask for renters insurance to process the application. Thus make sure if the rental place requires one or not. Having rental insurance is beneficial for you in cases of burglary, fires or vandalism; therefore, it is always recommended.

11. What’s the Application Process?

After you finalize your apartment next step should be moving on with the application process. Talk to your broker about paper works and documents required. Make sure you get these things as soon as possible as the apartment might not be available the very next day.

12. What are the lease length options available?

You can figure out the lease length with the landlord and make an agreement accordingly. The standard lease length is 12 months for most apartments, but you can also find apartments with a short-term lease. You can also find month-to-month leases, but they come at a higher price point.

13. What are the changes you can make to your apartment?

If you like to create your own space or like to customize your place, you need to have permission from the landlord when living in a rented apartment. Changing the wall paint or putting up a wall art or any other kind of changes in the apartment requires the owner’s prior consent; thus, make sure to ask this question before you rent the apartment.

14. How will you pay your rent?

Discuss how you are going to pay the rent, whether they accept cash, cheques or online payment methods. Many apartment owners prefer cheques, but with changing times, they are opening up to online payment systems; thus, it is always recommended to get this question cleared out before you rent your new place.

15. Is there any additional late fee when there the rent is due?

When you rent an apartment, there is a late fee added to the rent when you are not able to pay the rent on time. The late fee ranges from 5 to 10 % of the rent and is subjective, and it depends on the area and the landlord. However, there are some exceptions where the landlord does not put out any such criteria. Grace periods are also offered to people, but it is always better to talk with e landlord regarding that.

16. What is the penalty for breaking the lease period?

Many apartment owners charge a hefty amount if you break the lease contract. They can charge around 2-3 months of rent altogether at once. If you provide notice about leaving the apartment 30 days prior, they might not charge the penalty. All these things are subjective to the area and the owner; thus, discuss these things with the broker and the owner.

17. Is the neighbourhood safe?

Make sure you do your research about the neighbourhood and spin around the place to learn about the security and the kind of people living in and around. This question is vital if you are looking to stay in the apartment for a long term and want a peaceful and secure place to live for a while.

18. Do you need a cosigner?

Often landlords ask you to have a cosigner if you rent an apartment for the first time. The cosigner acts as a security for the landlord, i.e. if you cannot pay rent, then the cosigner will be responsible for that.

19. What is the best public transport system available nearby?

It is always better to know about the public transportation system available nearby as you might need it many times to travel to places, and it is convenient to have nearby bus stops and railway stations.

20. Is guest parking available, and is there any additional cost to it?

If you plan on hosting overnight guests, ask how many parking spots are available on the premises and how much it will cost them to park.

21. What’s the Pet Deposit/Pet Fee for your apartment?

40% of the apartments which allow pets charge pet fees every month. So, if you own a pet and are thinking of shifting to a new place with your pet, make sure you know about the pet fees in your apartment and how it has to be paid.

22. Will there be any new construction in the building?

You must ask this question to the landlord or the broker in order to know whether there will be new construction in the building, new construction means you have to deal with noise, dust and even with less parking area. Thus, make sure you ask this fundamental question before you shift.

23. What is the notice period for moving out?

In most of the cases, you will be given a limited amount of notice, as outlined in your lease. Most leases will be for a fixed term and require that notice be given a set amount of time prior to the lease expiration date. The standard period is 30 days, but it can vary. Also, make sure to find out how you will need to notify your landlord that you are leaving, e.g. in writing.

24. What are the rules for subletting your apartment?

You can always ask your landlord if you can sublet your apartment. In most cases, they don’t allow subletting, but some people let you sublet; it depends on the apartment’s location and the building it is in.

25. Can you use the GYM and swimming pool?

If you are shifting to a place where amenities like a GYM and Swimming pool are available, and you are into fitness, make sure to ask what are the criteria to use the amenities and whether you have to pay any extra charges for using them.

Final words

Renting a perfect apartment for yourself is a big decision and thus, finding a suitable rental place requires a lot of hassle. With the guided questions in the article, you will be able to have clarity on whether the place you are selecting is a good decision for you or not. These are the questions to ask when renting an apartment for yourself. I hope this article was helpful to you and you got if not all but some important queries cleared. Thank you. Have a great day ahead. Ciao!

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