July 22, 2024

What to Look for in a Residential Elevator Company

Residential Elevator Company

Residential elevators have been around for about a century, but used to be restricted to the homes of the very wealthy. After all, who else would have the space and money to install such a luxury? More recently, however, residential elevators have become much more common, particularly as an accessibility solution for those with reduced mobility. But with this being a relatively new trend for homeowners, it might be a bit difficult to find the right installer. What should you be looking for when hiring a company to install a residential elevator? Keep reading to find out.

Specialization in Mobility Needs

If you’re installing a residential elevator to meet your mobility needs, it’s important that your installer understands how to meet those needs. For example, they should know just how much space is needed inside of the elevator cab to accommodate a person in a wheelchair, and the amount of space needed around the door for you to comfortably enter and exit the cab. Companies that specialize in accessibility solutions are familiar with these kinds of issues and can ensure that your elevator is properly installed to meet all of your mobility requirements.

Free Estimate on Installation Costs

While the cost of installing a residential elevator has certainly come down quite a bit over the decades, it still represents a significant investment. You shouldn’t be going into this installation blindly, or end up being shocked by a bill with unexpected fees attached to it. Your installer should be willing to provide you with an estimate on the total cost of the installation and they should provide that estimate free of charge, and with no obligations attached to it.

Licensed and Insured

Any contractor you invite into your home should be licensed and insured for the job they’re performing. This not only protects the company’s employees, but it protects you and your home as well. If someone is injured on the job and their company does not have insurance, you might find yourself on the hook for the employee’s medical bills. Plus, a company without a license and insurance is likely untrustworthy, or at the very least, inexperienced.

Examples of Past Work

Speaking of experience, any installer you hire should be able to show evidence of their own experience installing residential elevators. This should include photos of the jobs they’ve completed, and referrals from satisfied clients. This can give you peace of mind that they can handle your elevator’s installation with no problems.

Though there isn’t a huge selection of elevator companies in Louisiana, you should still do your due diligence and compare your options, rather than settling for the first company you can find.

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