July 20, 2024

3 Tips for Effective RFT Drafting Services

RFT Drafting Services

Learn how to make drafting services more effective for you.

Do you have a building idea in mind but are having trouble getting the design on paper? Maybe you just want to add an extension or remodel an existing structure?

Before construction can start on your idea, plans will need to be drawn and this is where RFT Drafting Services can help.

Not sure if a draft is really necessary or how to make the services more effective? Here are three tips that can help ensure RFT Drafting Services understands precisely what you want.

Why You Need Drafting Services

Companies like RFT Drafting Services play a crucial role in your construction project.

Some of the reasons you need an architectural draft include,

  • Providing information about the building’s location. This includes details about property lines, the condition of the site, and any height restrictions that may be in place. They may also include information on nearby buildings, pathways, and utilities.
  • Indicate where the foundation will go. RFT Drafting Services will include information about footings, columns, supporting beams, and walls, and precise measurements and materials needed to execute the plan to code and design.
  • Layout of the floor plans. This includes the layout of each room and includes the location of doors, windows, staircases, and built-in items like closets. Measurements of these items, called elevations, are also included in drafts.
  • Location of wiring, electrical, and plumbing systems. Guidelines are included in the draft on where and how the HVAC unit, plumbing, and electrical system should be laid out.

Without the information contained in the draft, you cannot safely complete your project. Even a minor addition to a structure will need most if not all of the details contained in a draft.

Tips on Making Your Draft More Effective

You may not be able to create a professional draft your construction crew can work off of. However, you can take a few steps to make it easier for the drafting service to create plans that match your idea.

  1. Write your ideas down. Don’t just jot down a few notes. Expand on your idea and provide the drafting service with plenty of details. For example, if you want an arched doorway do not simply list a door. Chances are, your drafting service will design a doorway with four noticeable corners. If you can add sketches to your notes, go for it. You do not need to be an artist to sketch our doorframes, windows, and even walls.
  2. Provide measurements whenever possible. Even though the drafting company will include measurements in their finished plans, it helps to have a starting point. If you are adding an extension, a surveyor should have been contacted. The surveyor will let you know the size of the extension that is either required or limited by law. Use these measurements to help the drafting service know where to start their plans.
  3. Always communicate your ideas and thoughts. Staying in contact with the drafting service is key to receiving plans that match your idea.

When you are ready to start work on your planned construction project, contact the professionals at RFT Drafting Services.

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