June 21, 2024

Sand Finish Concrete: All You Need to Know About

sand finish concrete

What is the first thing that you notice when you are visiting someone’s house? It is probably the flooring of the house, whether you are walking through the walkway, driveway or are looking at the patio. The best type of flooring that can be installed and used at one’s house is concrete finished with sand.

The traditional concrete that is often used is often left rough without any finishing. Most of the time when traditional concrete is used, it is used in the sidewalks and driveways we often see. The finished rough look on the sidewalks and driveways is often not that appealing. However, when the concrete used to make the sidewalk and driveway is sand finish concrete, then it leaves the built structures like driveways or sidewalks with a classy, smooth and elegant look that resembles the hard sand we find in the ocean.

Sand finish concrete is extremely popular nowadays. There are so many options from which you can choose the one that is right for you. If you are looking for a surface that is affordable and looks amazing and great, then sand finish concrete is the right thing for you. What are the benefits of concrete finished with sand? Let us take a look at the benefits of sand finished concrete.

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Benefits Of Sand Finish Concrete

Great texture – The sand finish has a smooth texture that makes it extremely suitable to be used in and around the pool area. There, it resembles the look and feel of wet sand. The surface feels easy on a foot that is bare but it is not slippery at the same time. This ensures stability when young kids get excited and start running around. Sand finished concrete is perfect for the times of summer for an elegant and relaxing backyard.

Multiple color options – Sand finish concrete (also called sand-washed concrete) comes in a wide range of natural color options from which you can choose your favorite. There are several tones of colors you can choose from and these include reminiscent of granite, or tans and browns that give the feel of the sand at the Oregon coast. These tones blend well with the scheme of your landscaping and give an almost soil-like look to your patio.

Several design options – when you use concrete finished with sand, you can think of multiple ideas in which they can rejuvenate and enhance your patio. You can add plants and your favorite flowers to create an organic look or you can make use of geometrical shapes to give a minimalistic and elegant appearance. Different patterns and designs can be achieved with the help of different colors of the sand finish concrete. This will give a whole new look to your patio and will make it look better.

Sand finish concrete is versatile – Not only just for the patio, but sand finished concrete can also be used on the walkways, driveways, and even your basement room. Due to the smoothness of sand finish concrete, it always feels easy on your bare feet or your shoes. The finished looks awesome and is definitely going to impress your guests. The sand finish concrete, when installed in homes, gives a very formal and elegant look but can also be designed to look whimsy.

Now that we know and have decided to install sand finish concrete designs in our homes, let us take a look at the sand finish concrete cost.

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How Much Does Sand Finish Concrete Cost?

The cost of sand finish concrete in most places really depends on the square foot. Prices to build sand finish concrete per square foot along with the addition of designs can make the cost vary accordingly. The type of pattern you choose along with the texture and design can vary as the complexity and definition of the concrete increases. Multiple factors play a role and can influence the overall cost of the installation of sand finish concrete. These may include factors like labor rates, the color of the sand, texture, etc. However, it is one of the most affordable and common concrete finish among all.

Some Sand Finish Concrete Ideas For Your Home

You can find and look for a lot of aesthetic designs of sand finish concrete on Pinterest. The site never ceases to amaze us with the number of ideas and content it holds.

Sand finish concrete has the capacity to build a lot of different and unique patterns paired with contrasting colors. Designs like chessboard, unique acid burn finish or creating lighter borders around dark colors in order to intensify the ends are some popular patterns. The latter design is a great one during evening time when your guests are over. They can get a glimpse of where the sand finish concrete design is ending.

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to installing concrete finished with sand in your house. There are multiple ways in which you can make use of sand finished concrete to customize your house floor. The patterns and colors of the sand wash finish concrete can be adjusted as per the theme of your house to create cordiality around the whole house.


Due to the durability of the concrete, and the shiny, classy look of the sand finish, it is one of the most preferred ways to decorate their houses that people opt for. It leaves a lasting impression on the guests that take a look around your house and property and find nothing but flawless sand concrete finish, making your house come alive.

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