May 30, 2024

How to Select the Right Strong Drill Bits for Your Drilling Needs

Strong Drill Bits

Drill bits come in many shapes, sizes, and metals.

Each drill bit is designed to bore holes in different types, sizes, and thicknesses of materials.

Knowing which drill bit to use is important.

For instance, if you have harder material, you will need strong drill bits.

What are they made of?

Strong drill bits are made with several types of metal. These metals include steel, cobalt alloy, and tungsten carbide.

To make the drill bits more durable, many are made with a second metal on the tip.

To further protect the drill bits’ metal from heat and oxidation, today’s drill bits are coated.

The two types of coating include black oxide and titanium nitride.

Of these, the strongest is titanium nitride.

Most drill bits are stick shaped with screw-like grooves that end in a point.

Each bit has different tip point shapes. These tips shape help cut through the material easier, faster, and smoother. It is also designed to ease the amount of pressure you need to exert and keep the bit sharper for longer.

Modern drill bits come in various shapes. These differing shapes are designed to increase functionality and strength.

What are they used for?

One of the strongest drill bits is made of cobalt and titanium; it can bore a hole in materials like hard steel or cast iron.

A drill bit like this is often used in blacksmithing, forging, and construction using concrete or masonry.

If you need holes in hardened stainless steel, one of the best drill bits to use is made of steel, then coated in titanium. It is shaped like a pyramid, using steps in the groves to help it dig into the metal better.

This drill bit adds extra functionality by having a double fluted design to allow any shavings, or waste particles to escape the area you are drilling. This leaves the drilling area cleaner.

Know what you need

The first thing to determine when selecting a drill bit is the types of materials you will be drilling through. Using the wrong drill bit can damage the drill, the material, the drill bit, or you.

One important thing to remember when using drill bits is that there are different sizes of bits to make holes of varying depths and widths. You must know the size of the bit you need to drill the hole.

To choose the right size, you will need to know the diameter and depth of the hole you need. The typical drill bit has diameter sizes ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm.

The diameter of the hole you need for a screw should be slightly smaller than the screw.

Strong drill bits are good for big projects, going through solid objects, and meant to withstand great pressure or heat.

These drill bits are perfect for going through metal, masonry, and other thick or strong materials.

A strong drill bit is made to last and stay sharp.

The next time you have a big project, find the right drill bit to get it done.

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