July 18, 2024

Simple Truss : All You Need to Know

simple truss

In this article, we are going to talk about what is a truss, the simplest form of a truss or a basic truss, simple bridge structure, simple trusses types, simple type truss examples, and more.

What Is A Truss?

A truss refers to a structure that is used in architecture and structural engineering as a means of structural support. The simplest form of a truss or a basic truss is the triangular truss. A basic triangle in a truss contains a series of triangular structures that are arranged together so that the weight is being distributed evenly in order to achieve maximum support.

Characteristics Of A Truss

A truss is made up of a framework that is composed of many small triangular structures. The simple or basic triangular structure in a truss contains three beams that are connected in the corners with the help of three joints. A triangle on its own can be referred to as a simple designed truss, but the majority of the trusses are made of several small triangular structures. And these small triangular structures are connected with the help of chords. Lower and upper chords help in facilitating the spanning of the length of the truss.

Uses Of A Truss

Trusses can be found in the designing and structuring of many buildings. They are most commonly found in the designing and structuring of most of the bridges all over the world. Many wooden or steel bridges have made use of trusses in their structuring and designing.

Construction of houses is also possible with the help of trusses. Trusses can be nowadays purchased easily in any size that you may require.

simple truss1

Simple Truss Types

Simple type trusses exist in a lot of different types of forms. The most basic form of a truss is also the earliest form of truss and is known as the King Post. The King post truss is a triangle that has a vertical tension rod linking the apex point to the base that, in turn, creates two triangles. These can be utilized on their own for short spans of time.

Queen post trusses cause further division in the triangular structures by adding a rectangular structure in the middle, and this, therefore, creates three similar triangular structures.

Howe trusses form a connection of overlapping triangular structures that are equilateral. And each one of these structures has a vertical tension rod. The triangles are connected to each other with the help of a chord at the top and the base. They can hold a large amount of weight, much more weight than the king post and the queen post, and can also be used in order to span to larger distances.


Simple Truss Example

Following are some examples of the simple type trusses:

  • Gable trusses
  • Scissor roof trusses
  • Mono truss
  • Flat truss
  • Hip truss
  • Attic truss


I hope after reading, you are able to understand what is a truss, what is the simplest form of truss, simple trusses types, simple truss examples, and all the other necessary information like the uses and characteristics of a truss.

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