June 17, 2024
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Different Types of Wall Textures That Can Give Your Interior a Luxe Character

wall textures

There are many ways to renovate your home. If budget supports and situation demands, entire home renovation is the best way to change the character of your nest. If renovating a few walls can spin the magic, why to be a spendthrift unnecessarily? Wall covering textures have become a trend for a couple of decades. They look good and can effortlessly spell a sense of cohesion in your living space.

With a beautiful wall texture perfectly done, you can create an elegant and inviting ambiance that will feel soothing and satisfying for residents and guests alike.

What is Wall Texture?

Wall texture can be defined as the characteristics of wall surfaces that one can see or feel. The characteristics cover a range of qualities, including the motifs or patterns, roughness or smoothness of the surface and type of finishing.

What are the Benefits of Wall Texture?

Wall textures add dimensions and depth to the wall. These days, 3D wall textures are popular as they add a real-life feel to your interior space. Most importantly, these 3D effects effectively cover imperfections in the wall.

Wall texture patterns provide a lustrous and luxurious feel. On top of that, they also add to the lifespan of walls without requiring you to take extra care of them.

There exists a variety of wall textures to lend a character of grace and elegance to not only the walls but also your entire living space. Here are a few wall textures to check and try for your home renovation:

Comb Wall Texture


Comb Wall Texture

The texture has earned the name due to its unique pattern resembling the marking that can be created by a comb. Professionals use a toothed towel to create the look.

Popular comb wall textures feature overlapping rainbows or concentric circles. This wall texture is best suited for vintage-style interior decoration.

Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Texture

When it comes to wall textures, knockdown textures and orange peel textures are similar in application and appearance. In fact, knockdown textures are achieved with an additional step after the orange peel texture is created, requiring you to smoothen or knock off the mud bumps on the wall to give it a polished look. If you want a contemporary vibe, don’t look beyond knockdown texture.

Another great benefit of knockdown texture is it builds a sound-proof ambiance. In addition, it can smartly hide any faults on the wall. The texture produces hand-painted stucco finishes instead of a trowelled one.

Orange Peel Texture

Orange Peel Texture

The name says it all. If the finishing is perfect, the appearance will look like the rind of an orange peel. The dimpled or pitted texture can give it a classic character. The Fresh, natural look gives the interior a touch of sophistication without overshadowing the other elements.

This look is perfect for any room, from bedroom to living room and even study room. This texture is also a popular choice for office interior.

Popcorn Wall Texture

Popcorn Wall Texture

The texture is named after its appearance. Prepared by mixing Styrofoam and mud, this type produces a puffy popcorn-like look on the wall. This texture is ideal for drawing rooms and bedrooms.

The appearance looks trendy and stylish while exuding a funny feel for the entire interior.

On the downside, it’s a little bit difficult to create and remove the effect. However, the texture lasts a long time.

Slap Brush Texture

Slap Brush Texture

This free-hand technique, also known as ‘Crow’s Foot’, involves a fan brush, the bristles of which are slapped onto the surface to create a range of designs.

The bristles of the fan brush are of different sizes and hence, it’s impossible to repeat the exact effect. Slap Brush texture looks amazing with accent walls.

Slap Brush Knockdown Texture

You have guessed right. This wall texture is a hybrid of slap brush and knockdown interior wall finishes. The work starts from a section of your wall, where slap Brush effect is created and then a drywall knife is used to knock off or smoothen the bumps. The technique is repeated to cover the entire wall. Expect a stunning result. The texture can best complement Mediterranean-style décor.

Venetian Plaster Finish

Want to add some extra and extraordinary dimension and depth to your décor? Here is the best option for some thought. This age-old technique creates an elegant and exclusive look for a dreamy touch to your décor.

To achieve the effect, lime or marble dust is mixed with plaster and then, a spatula is used to apply the mixture.

This texture is mostly used in old buildings and museums. However, the technique has changed a lot since over decades and now, a steel trowel is used to create the effect.

The old style is still favourite, especially with those fascinated by vintage charm. Nowadays, this style is often used with modern and minimalistic interior decoration ideas.

Wrapping up

These are only a few of the most popular wall textures that can make an aesthetic transformation of your living zone. Many other options are also available in this context. Take your time to consult with your interior designer to decide which texture will work best for your interior.

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