July 22, 2024

Why Additional Security is Recommended on Construction Sites

security on construction

A building site may be an obvious place of danger to most people, but for some it looks like a rather exciting place to explore.

Construction can often take weeks, months, or years to finish leaving lots of time for the unthinkable to happen day or night.

If you are in the process of building, you should increase the security of construction sites.

Today we will discuss why security is so important and how to secure your work site.

Prevent Injury

A construction site may look like a playground or an intriguing place to explore for children and teenagers.

This can also lead to after-hour parties by precocious teens leading to vandalism, damage to the site, and possibly injury or death.

Oftentimes, curious and rowdy teenagers and children will play with the equipment and materials left behind, which can lead to even more damage.

During working hours, security is still vital to prevent injury to the workers due to accidents.

The addition of security during working hours can prevent injury and theft from people who think they can pretend to be a worker to gain access to the site and all the treasures within.

Protect Equipment, Tools and Supplies

Thieves take any opportunity they can to make a gain. With all the expensive heavy equipment and tools on a construction site, it is like waving gold and riches in the air if left unsupervised.

A thief knows the value of even the most unlikely of objects, for instance copper pipes and wires.

The loss of equipment, tools, and materials not only slows down construction, it can cost millions of dollars to replace.

Ways to Increase Security

There are several ways to increase security on a construction site. One of the first ways to increase security is with the addition of a perimeter fence. This tells people that the area is a no trespass zone and may deter most people.

The addition of a camera and signs telling people the site is being watched by cameras can also deter people from entering and stealing.

The absolute best way to secure a site is hiring a security guard.

Having a 24/7 guard onsite can do more than protect your site, materials, tools, and equipment. A security guard can monitor the traffic onsite and prevent or break up fights by workers.

The presence of a guard can make you and your team feel more secure as well. This will lead to less stress for everyone.

Besides the risks of loss, a good construction security guard can be a witness for you if an injury does occur during work.

Construction security guards can also provide vital first aid if necessary.

When you are working on a construction site, security is important to think of.

Oftentimes, children and teenagers think a construction site is a place to have fun and explore.

Thieves can be tempted at the sight of all the expensive materials, tools, and equipment as well.

Increase the security of construction sites to prevent injuries to workers, the building site, and other people.

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