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Why LED Is The Best Option For Your Pool Lighting

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In recent years, LED lighting has soared in popularity due to its energy efficiency and durability. If you’re considering a new pool lighting system, LED lights are your best bet. But why choose LED over other types of pool lighting, like fluorescent bulbs or HID lights? Let’s explore the reasons before you reach out to a Chandler custom spa and pool builder.

Beautiful and Practical

A well-lit pool is not only stunning to look at but also practical. Lighting up your pool enhances its beauty at night and improves visibility, making nighttime swimming safer and more appealing.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Traditional PAR56 light bulbs were once the go-to for pool lighting. Despite their brightness, these 300 W bulbs were energy-intensive. LEDs, on the other hand, are designed to be energy-efficient. They produce light without wasting as much energy as heat, which also extends their lifespan. The key to maximizing an LED’s life is proper cooling, which depends on the installation space.

Variety of Styles

LED lights come in many styles, giving you plenty of options to customize your pool’s look. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which lose a lot of energy to heat, LEDs are efficient and long-lasting when properly managed.

Hundreds of Colors

LEDs can produce a wide range of colors, allowing for spectacular lighting displays in your pool. However, it’s important to remember that water isn’t color-neutral; it absorbs certain wavelengths more than others. To pick the best-LED color for your pool, consulting with a Chandler custom pool builder is a smart move.

Contacting the Pros

Ready to transform your pool into a captivating oasis? Reach out to Florida Pool Patio. We’re here to turn your vision into a reality, creating a memorable space for you and your loved ones. Contact us via phone or online to get started.

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