June 13, 2024

Winter Plumbing Issues You Can Run Into and How Pipe Relining Sydney Professionals Can Help

winter plumbing issues

With winter around the corner and temperatures dropping, your plumbing pipes can become particularly vulnerable. Therefore it’s recommended that you should prepare for the winter’s worst by looking for ways to keep pipes and drainage systems functioning at optimum levels. Doing this will help you steer clear of plumbing troubles during the colder months. Here are some winter plumbing problems and how pipe relining Sydney professionals can help.

  1. KITCHEN DRAIN CLOGS All of your pipes are at risk of freezing particularly in cold weather and your drainage system is not exempted. It will be much worse if you flush food waste such as starchy foods or cooking grease down your drain – they can be hard on your kitchen sink. Seems harmless enough but the fact that starchy food expands when exposed to water, and grease don’t dissolve, a large amount of them will only accumulate if disposed of in large amounts, hardens during cold temperature and makes it more likely to stop the drainage system from working. So you can enjoy your hearty meals without any stressful cleanup, keep the grease off the sink and remove clogs quickly if they occur. A pipe inspection done by Sydney pipe relining experts will reveal if this is a problem, but you should also do your part during the winter about what goes down your drains.
  2. FROZEN OUTDOOR WATER LINE – Most homes have at least one outside tap, spigot or a hose bib. Whilst they make it easy to hydrate plants and clean cars during summer and spring, when freezing weather sets in, it is a bad idea to continue using them. We recommend that you remove your hose from the line, drain it and keep it somewhere safe for when the warm weather returns. If you don’t do this, there’s a tendency that any water left inside will cause the pipes to freeze and expand. It is not worth the risk as there’s a great chance that it will extend up and into pipes and taps connected to it. This could spell disaster in your home as this could lead to costly repairs or even pipe replacement. Therefore, turning off the shut-off valve for these outdoor connections during winter is a life saver.
  3. FREEZE SHUT VENTS – Your home has a few different vents for different purposes, but your sewer vent is what usually gets the least attention. That’s because it doesn’t need much care until the coldest months. During extended periods of very cold weather the vent stack that allows sewer gasses to go out harmlessly through your roof can freeze shut because of the water vapor in the vent. This can cause some serious drainage problems. Sewer gasses that cannot pass through these frozen vents will most likely back up into your home and it may be harder to get your drains to flush including your toilet. A comprehensive pipe inspection can determine if this is a problem, so contact our team right away if you notice awful smells in your home or all your drains are not letting the water through.
  4. FROZEN INDOOR PIPES – Although your indoor plumbing is less exposed to the cold breeze, they can freeze too, especially if they are within walls that aren’t insulated, have leaks or near cracks and openings where cold air can enter. When this happens, water may turn to ice and expand enough to crack or burst the line. This problem can easily turn into a flooding situation in your home, so being one step ahead is important before it gets too chilly. If you’re unsure of the condition of your plumbing or concerned you might have hidden leaks somewhere, call our pipe relining Sydney professionals at Revolution Pipe Relining to seal off leaks and cracks.
  5. INVADING TREE ROOTS – It’s a false impression that trees go on idle during winter, they instead crawl deeper in the winter to find sources of water. As long as the ground temperature does not fall below freezing, tree roots can and will continue to grow and that can be bad news for your sewer line. Roots can become so aggressive to cause pipes to leak or even collapse altogether, and you might not be able to tell that this problem exist until you contact us for sewer camera inspection services to take a look at your pipeline, or when you notice the visits from your plumber to clear your blocked drain are getting closer and closer together. If this is a problem you’re facing with your sewer line, our team can clear tree root blockages and seal off potential cracks and leaks in your pipeline to restore it to working condition again.

How Pipe Relining Services Can Help?

Proactive maintenance throughout the year and proper winterization when it starts to get chilly is essential towards an optimally working pipeline. Hiring a professional plumber may be relatively easy when the need arises, but it’s something that can be avoided if you just look after your pipes and contact the right people that offer pipe relining services before any problem comes about. It’s simple, the more care you put into your plumbing, the less chance there is of the system and its components failing on you. It’s not as hard as you think, you just have to determine whether or not your plumbing is vulnerable to winter plumbing problems by calling Revolution Pipe Relining and fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

We can definitely save yourself the trouble of winter breakdowns by carrying out a comprehensive pipe inspection and employing pipe relining procedures on pipe sections that much need repair.

Do yourself a favor now while the pipe relining cost is still potentially cheaper for you than when a problem crops up in winter time where it might get worse and may be harder to deal with. We offer a range of plumbing services and Sydney relining solutions such as pipeline relining, sewer pipe relining, drain pipe relining, cast iron pipe relining and trenchless sewer relining.

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