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4 Tips to Make Moving Home Stress-Free

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Picture this: after weeks of looking for the perfect house in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, you’ve finally found the right house for you and your family. There’s a sense of enthusiasm as you’re about to get a fresh start and new opportunities to make your new place your own. However, soon the time to work arrives, and you realize that everything you believed takes a while is now occupying days.

Hence, it doesn’t take long for all that thrill to turn into stress and anxiety. With all the sorting and logistics to do, not to talk about shifting an entire house of belongings into another, the whole process can become overwhelming. Additionally, moving everything and everyone, including kids and pets, could be a recipe for disaster if not planned and organized correctly.

After all, the last thing you want to happen on D-day is to be faced with an unfamiliar, empty house and piles of boxes. Fortunately, there are easy ways to avoid chaos and unpleasantness during your moving process.

Here are some tips to make moving home in Kwun Tong stress-free.

1. Be selective while packing

The best way to make the moving process hassle-free is by not turning into a collector. When you start packing, think about the belongings you’ll need as soon as you move into the new house. While kitchen items like glasses and bedroom essentials are must-haves, you might not need your entire book collection as you move in.

But what should you do with the items you don’t temporarily need? Well, you can pack the non-essential items into boxes or rent a “mini storage Kwun Tong.” Renting such a storage unit provides a convenient place to keep your unnecessary things as you transition out of your house.

Additionally, considering the opportunity cost of losing your things, investing in such a storage unit makes it a cost-effective alternative. With monthly contracts, having a storage unit during your moving process is an excellent idea as it doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

2. Find good help

Moving into another house can be stressful as it takes months of preparation, organization, and execution. You might consider moving into the new house alone or with help from family and friends. Even though this might seem like a more efficient way, hiring a professional moving company is always better.

Finding a professional moving company allows you to simplify and expedite the moving process. Experienced and skilled movers understand the most effective ways to navigate the roads and how to manage your belongings to keep them protected and safe. Besides that, professional movers know how to load and unload boxes, wrap your mattresses properly and pack a lamp, making your moving process hassle-free.

So, how can you look for a professional moving company? Here’s how you can find experienced movers:

  • Do your research: ask what names the company works under and check those names by contacting your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Check references: always check references from past clients and assess their reputation and quality of work.
  • Ask friends and family: When looking for an experienced mover, ask people you trust for referrals. Your co-workers and friends can recommend you a moving company, and they might have ideas about companies you should avoid.

3. Prep your new house

The other most effective way to make the moving process stress-free is to prep your new house. Trust us; it’s better to do it all during your moving process instead of waiting and assuming you’ll figure it out later. But how can you prep your house? If you’re moving into the house with children, you need to do some initial childproofing to keep them safe until everything’s adequately organized. For instance, consider covering up outlets, creating a separate zone for packing materials, etc.

Besides that, you need to verify that your water, electricity, gas, heating and cooling, and internet are set up. After that, don’t forget to call your local waste management company to ensure your house is set up for garbage pickup.

Alongside, identify the fuse box and water valve beforehand so that if you need to turn off the water or your power goes out, you can make your way there immediately. Moreover, no matter how clean your new house might look, the previous owners must have left some dirt behind, making cleaning the house a priority.

4. Create a moving checklist

Before assembling the initial box, don’t forget to create a moving checklist. Creating a moving list allows you to stay organized and avoid the hassle. From researching to hiring a moving company to decluttering to changing your address, a checklist can keep you on top of all tasks that need to be done.

Not sure how to create a checklist? Here’s what an ideal moving checklist should look like:

  • Two months before: After getting estimates from three movers, start decluttering your house.
  • One month before: You need to take measurements of your house and order packing material. Besides that, fill out a change-of-address form and arrange updates in the new house. Start setting aside valuables like passports that you should transport yourself.
  • Two weeks before: Pack all the remaining things and thoroughly clean the new house. Make sure you reconfirm with the moving company.
  • The day before: Don’t forget to pack a box of things you’ll probably need the first night, such as plates, cooking utensils, sheets, cups, etc.
  • Day of move: Get a final check of your old house and inspect your new one for damage. Remember to take pictures if you’re renting a new home. Additionally, clean all the areas that might be challenging to reach after furniture is placed.

Final words

Moving into a new house might seem like an overwhelming and challenging task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Before moving into the new house, prepare the new space. Besides that, create a moving checklist and hire professional movers to make the entire process easier. Remember, with proper planning and organization, moving into a new house can be stress-free.

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