May 30, 2024
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5 Popular Counties To Buy Land In Texas

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There is an abundance of land for sale in Austin, TX, and its surrounding counties. Texas is not populated; hence, there are multiple options for purchasing cheap land. The top 5 most popular counties in Texas are listed below, where you can buy land to make your search easier.

1. Mason County

When you visit Mason County, it won’t take long to discover why it is the Gem of the Texas Hill Country. Mason is suitable for anyone who wants to purchase land because the county embodies friendly people, natural beauty, and a spirited history that echoes the pioneer spirit on the frontier of Texas. Mason is a notable agricultural area that will be most suitable for you if you intend to practice commercial agriculture.

2. Comal County

Comal happens to be one of the minor counties in Texas. It also has a small population density of around 180,000. The county has much-undeveloped land, thus offering numerous opportunities to purchase land based on your preferences.

In addition, Comal is also one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. Due to this, it is high time for you to buy land and secure some exciting deals. You are bound to save a significant amount of money by investing in land available for sale in Comal.

Furthermore, the county’s rocky canyons, hills, and rolling grassland will most likely impress you.

3. Edwards County

In southwest Texas, Edwards County is situated in a significant limestone deposit with clay and loam soils supporting the growth of various trees like cedar and oak. The county also has more than fifteen springs that flow throughout the year. Moreover, the conducive environment makes it ideal for game animals like quail, turkey, and javelina.

Minimal growth has occurred in this country’s towns over the years. Essentially, Edwards is considered a state of low economic growth. As a result, you are likely to purchase land at a low price.

4. Hays County

Hays County has a population density of around 300,000. It is also one of the most desirable places to live in Texas. Most of the residents of this country own their homes. If you visit the place, you will be overwhelmed by the many bars and coffee shops.

The residents of this place also have moderate political views. Due to this, the county has been listed among the fastest-growing counties in the U.S. More than 10,000 people migrated to the county between 2015 and 2016. If you want a quiet place to live, consider purchasing land for sale Austin TX.

5. Kendall County

Kendall County is rated among the best places to live in rural America. Together with Hays and Comal counties, it is considered the fastest-growing county in the state. More than 2000 people migrate to the county each year.

Kendall’s central location in Fox Valley offers some of the most impressive luxurious amenities. The county has a large amount of open land and Silver State Park. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a piece of land, you have a variety of options available to you.

Partner with a reputable investment company to purchase land with confidence

Land for sale in Austin, TX, and its neighboring countries provides many options. It would be prudent to work with an investing land company to guide you through the land investment because 96% of land for sale in Austin, TX, and the state of Texas as a whole is privately owned and sold on the open market.

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