July 12, 2024
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5 Security Tips To Consider when Constructing Rental Properties

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When designing and constructing rental properties, you must ensure that the properties are secure. Tenants need to feel safe in their homes, and by creating secure building infrastructure, you can ensure that their homes and belongings are safe.

So, what are the best security tips to consider when constructing rental properties?

Keep reading as we discuss the best security tools for rental properties and the considerations you need to make in your building’s design.

Entry Points

When designing buildings for rental purposes, you must consider how secure the building’s architecture is. This involves assessing the area’s crime rate and the building’s surroundings. For instance, if you’re constructing buildings in a high-crime and densely populated area, creating large-frame windows with thin glass will be counter-intuitive.

When factoring in the home safety and crime rate, consider how many entry points you wish to include in your design. It’s best to keep the entry points to a minimum and keep large windows to a minimum. However, there may be more room to explore entry points if you’re constructing a property in a remote location or a gated community – as the likelihood of crimes occurring will be far less.

Natural Disasters And Evacuations

When constructing your rental properties, you should consider how well they will protect tenants in emergencies. Should your area be prone to flooding, you’ll need to consider flood safety in your design. If you’re designing a multi-family property, you should consider how well-structured the emergency evacuation routes are. Safety should always be a priority in your property design, as you could be held liable for any deaths caused by your unsuitable and unsafe property design.

Security Cameras

Fixed cameras help you to stay in touch with building operations as a property manager for a multi-family property. They can also make a home more attractive for tenants seeking secure single-family residences. You need to contact a professional security camera installer to ensure your cameras are optimally placed. A professional will be able to advise you on the complex wiring infrastructure needed for surveillance systems and will help you to understand the difference between 600tvl vs. 700tvl cameras.

Cloud-based security cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the home’s safety and security sphere as they provide a more convenient and user-friendly experience for tenants and security staff. Here are the benefits on offer with a cloud-based surveillance system:

  • Your tenants can quickly check their security cameras using their mobile phones, allowing them to check on their homes while on vacation or check on their pets during the day. They can also stay in touch with their parcel deliveries, ensuring their orders arrive on time.
  • You won’t need to waste space on server storage. When you invest in a cloud-based system, your storage needs decrease, as all security data is stored on the cloud, which allows you to gain more ROI on your space.
  • You can implement video analytics and other integrations to enhance the function of your security camera system.

With these benefits, security becomes more accessible and convenient – for property managers, tenants, and security staff.

Access Control

Access control is being used more frequently for rental properties, as it eliminates the possibility of lockpicking. Access control allows tenants to enter the building using keycards, fobs, or mobile credentials. Mobile credentials dominate the security sphere, as they reduce the cost of keycard replacement.

Tenants can store their access cards on their mobile devices, allowing them to enter the building using BlueTooth communication for more convenience. And, since this technology does not require the user to touch a button when entering the building, it is a more hygienic technology.

With this security solution, your security team and tenants can manage door locks from anywhere using a mobile application, allowing them to check their status and lock them from anywhere. This is an extremely attractive security feature for tenants, and installing a convenient and hygienic access control solution can secure your property while increasing value.

Parking Security

When designing a multifamily or commercial rental property, you must consider parking lot security. While your tenants are inside the building, they need assurance that their cars will be safe when stored in the parking facility.

To provide secure parking, you must ensure that only authorized users can access this space. You should install gated parking access control to ensure that only tenant vehicles can enter the parking facility, and you should provide video security to document any crimes that occur.

Providing surveillance will aid your tenants in an insurance claim should their vehicle be stolen while parked on the premises. In addition to providing these security measures, you should ensure that no one can enter the property on foot without authorization. This is why you should implement security gates and doors with access control readers to ensure only tenants and authorized individuals can access the parking lot.


When designing your new rental property, you must consider emergencies and security. Failing to provide secure infrastructure could decrease property value, and you could be held liable for not providing a building design that considers health and safety. Keep the considerations listed above in mind when designing your space, and you can increase the value of your new construction property.

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