May 30, 2024
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Tips For Creating More Space In Your Home

Creating More Space In Your Home

Nobody likes to live in a small and cramped space. At the very least, your humble abode should allow you to roam about without bumping into things and injuring yourself. Though purchasing a big living space seems like an obvious solution, many people cannot afford this luxury. With that in mind, we have put together some useful tips that will enable you to create more space in your home like a pro:

1. Get rid of clutter

One of the best ways to free up occupied space is to eliminate unnecessary items. Decluttering can be overwhelming, especially if you have not done it for a long time. A prudent plan would be to begin with items not covered by sheets or enclosed in boxes. If something has been left out to gather dust, it has perhaps outlived its utility. You can build momentum by going from one room to the other.

2. Rent extra storage

Renting a storage unit can come in handy, especially if you’re living in regions such as British Columbia, where the weather can vary. You’ll have plenty of seasonal stuff you can manage better with the help of a storage unit. Cities like Kelowna along the south coast of Canada experience mild summers and cold winters. Residents can rent Kelowna storage units to store and keep seasonal belongings such as quilts and clothes and store them without taking up too much space when they’re not needed. Similarly, look up local businesses in your neighborhood that offer similar services.

3. Create an open floor plan

Taking down a wall that separates two areas that could otherwise be combined like a kitchen and a living room can have a significant impact on the feel of the home. Aside from the obvious benefit of more space, an open-plan setting will allow you to play with storage solutions and furniture layouts. When you have more room to work with, it is much easier to arrange your furniture to maximize how much space it occupies.

Keep in mind the importance of creating visual breaks. When your space is completely crammed from floor to ceiling, it feels chaotic and distracting. Leave some breathing space around your furnishings, and pick your accent pieces with care. Doing so will ensure the room’s components complement one another rather than clashing and looking haphazard.

4. Add vertical storage

It is important not to overlook the space that is both above and below you. They are excellent storage venues for rarely-used objects. Setting up vertical storage alternatives is not a difficult task. For example, you could use plywood and brackets to create storage shelves on a budget.

Keep a shoe rack, some rolling bins, or a pair of drawers to make the most out of your floor space. Use the area beneath the stairs for storage by installing a small dresser or some bespoke shelves. Plus, do not forget to hammer some hooks or pocket organizers on doors and walls.

Purchase a reliable step ladder to facilitate access to out-of-reach shelves. Avoid placing heavy items, such as large appliances, up high as a precaution.

5. Overhaul your basement

Most people redo their basements so they can install home theaters. However, you can get more out of your basement if you plan things right. For example, you may do away with cardboard boxes and make your life a lot easier by storing your clothing in airtight and waterproof containers in the basement.

Remodeling a basement is not the most inexpensive choice, but pretty worthwhile nevertheless. A basement renovation will be a lucrative investment in the long run since it increases appeal to potential purchasers and adds to the home’s resale value.

6. Utilize furniture storage areas

If you have a bed with four legs, you may put boxes or bins underneath it to store seasonal clothing, extra bedding, and holiday wrapping paper. Depending on your convenience, you can also stow away other supplies and easily retrieve them when needed.

You can also invest in a bed frame that features built-in drawers. Storage space beneath the mattress could be accessed by raising a shutter or sliding along rails on either side of the bed. It is perfect for storing linens, blankets, mats, large bags, hard plastic containers, etc.

7. Invest in magnetic disc organizers and file cabinets

As freelancing and work-from-home are becoming a norm, most households must ensure their living quarters serve as functional workplaces. But if you want to be able to work quietly and without interruptions, your workstation should be well-organized. That is where magnetic disk organizers come into play. With the help of these items, you can be assured paper clips and other office supplies will remain safely stored in their respective containers.

Adding file cabinets to your home office is another smart option to boost storage space. You may keep all your office supplies out of the way and out of sight by placing a pair of file cabinets neatly under your desk.

8. Put your garden to good use

The storage capacity of gardens is generally underutilized. If you are tired of your bikes denting the walls every time you bring them inside, you might want to invest in a bike shed for your backyard. That way, you will save considerable space in the house.

Floating shelves are also ideal for your outdoor area. They serve a dual purpose of keeping the floor plan organized while adding visual appeal. If you wish to store frequently used goods on the shelves, such as secateurs, watering cans, and gloves, it is best to set them up above eye level and within easy reach.

9. Stretch the headboard

The bed is a place to relax and refuel for the following day, but it may also be used as a convenient storage space. Adding similar shelving to the headboard gives you more room for books, jewelry boxes, and other small collectibles.


Considering we love hoarding, it is safe to assume that most of us have more possessions than the space at home can reasonably accommodate. Therefore, without a good plan in place, your belongings will be all over the place. If you are coping with storage issues, implementing all or some of the hacks covered in this piece will make a difference.

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