May 30, 2024
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What Should You Look for in a Commercial Painter?

Commercial Painter

The painting and maintenance of a commercial property represent a significant investment and require a tremendous amount of effort on your part. If you expect quality work, consistency, and less stress, rather than more intrusive work, then you should expect that.

In addition to witnessing the consequences of the work done by unscrupulous service providers, our industry professionals have also been hurt by such practices. Perhaps you were spared this experience. To find out more, go to

Considering all of this, you might wonder how you can locate painters you can trust in Auckland – someone who is both a true asset and someone you can depend upon.

You can answer those questions by asking the following five questions to your prospective professional painter. To help you evaluate our own services and priorities, we will provide information about our own offerings.

The following interview questions will help you qualify your commercial painting company for the job

Does your license and insurance appear to be valid?

It is absolutely essential, despite its apparent importance. In the event that the painting company doesn’t have the proper credentials and insurance coverage, you may be held liable. A working relationship with an inexperienced person is also a warning sign.

Are you a team leader or have you hired subcontractors?

While subcontractors are not always destructive (some companies hire repeat, dedicated contractors), they can also lead to lower standards and quality. So when a company gives a specific project to a subcontractor, that company is less in charge of what is happening and the subcontractor may be less interested in your satisfaction.
Thus, Northstar has invested time and resources into assembling a team that is capable of delivering predictable and high-quality services.

Do you have any other experience with companies in our industry?

As well as providing insight into the quality of their work, this also provides insight into their level of experience. Listed below are a number of brands with whom Northstar Painting regularly works, and with whom we have built strong relationships. Our guarantee speaks volumes about our quality, and it gives new clients a sense of security.

Are you flexible about scheduling?

The painting project should be able to be tailored to the needs of the client as well as meet the deadline of the client. Work that needs to be completed during the night, weekend, or off-hours won’t interfere with your operations.

If you were asked to describe your communication style, what would you say?

Communication plays an important role in commercial painting. You should also be able to contact a clear point of contact with any questions or concerns, which should make it as simple as possible for you.


When you compare estimates, we urge you to consider more than just price. Despite the fact that remarkably low numbers will always be available, how will they affect consumers? The return on investment of quality services and experiences is long-term (both in terms of quality).

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